Swisscom Sure: The new way to ensure

06/05/2024 News

Swisscom is expanding its insurance services, introducing "sure," a new platform that offers "ON/OFF insurance" and products from top-tier partner insurers. These insurance products are distinguished by their simplicity, transparency, and flexibility, catering to the evolving needs of Swisscom's customer base.

For several years now, Swisscom has provided "Easy Cyber Insurance" and the "Easy Protection" warranty extension for devices. Now, in collaboration with various partner insurers, Swisscom is enhancing its offerings under the new "sure" platform. "We're responding to our customers' need for simple and digital solutions," explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Private Customers at Swisscom.

The unique feature of these new products is their ON/OFF nature. In other words, they can be quickly and easily obtained online and offer flexible durations. The guiding principles behind "sure" remain unchanged: to provide simple, transparent, and flexible insurance products.

• Simple: Customers can easily purchase and manage their insurance online. Premiums are conveniently paid through their Swisscom bill, eliminating the need for additional payment slips via postal or electronic mail.

• Transparent: Through the My Swisscom platform, customers have real-time access to an overview of all their policies, allowing them to manage their insurance coverage effortlessly.

• Flexible: Most insurance policies can be canceled at the end of each month with just a 14-day notice period. Premiums can be paid monthly, and customers can adjust their coverage as needed, increasing or decreasing it every month.

"In both the telecommunications and insurance sectors, trust is essential. With 'sure,' we want to offer our customers everything they need under one roof," explains Dirk Wierzbitzki. It's important to note that while Swisscom is introducing "sure," it is not becoming an insurance company but rather an intermediary. Swisscom is collaborating with top-tier insurers such as Zurich Insurance, AXA Insurance, and Europäische Reiseversicherungs (ERV) to provide these new insurance products.

In collaboration with ERV, Swisscom has launched leisure insurance, covering incidents during leisure activities and providing cancellation cost insurance. This can be obtained almost instantly for durations ranging from 1 to 22 days.

With Zurich Insurance Company, Swisscom now offers a combined household and private liability insurance, customizable to suit individual customer needs.

In the coming weeks, Swisscom will also introduce rental guarantee insurance in collaboration with AXA. Other products planned for the year include legal protection insurance, travel insurance, and motor vehicle insurance. These new insurance products will allow customers to manage their insurance needs conveniently and flexibly through the My Swisscom platform.

For now, these products are exclusively available to Swisscom customers with a My Swisscom Login, but in the future, they will be accessible to all. Swisscom is committed to providing its customers with innovative and user-friendly solutions, ensuring peace of mind in an ever-changing world.

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