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Embedded Insurance
05/03/2024 Video

Why embedded insurance has become so important

For Jean-Marc Pailhol, Allianz Partners Board Member & GSP Chief Officer, embedded insurance is not new. It has existed for years. However, it has become incredibly important for many reasons. He tells us why.

SME Banking
26/02/2024 News

Ozan teams up with Fingate.io to offer instant shopping loans

Ozan Electronic Money Institution (EMI) has partnered with Fingate.io to introduce "Ozan Kolay Kredi" (Easy Loans), an innovative product aimed...

Embedded Insurance
17/02/2024 Article

Elevating insurance practices: Qorus and Allianz Partners set the stage for Embedded Insurance Community

In a pioneering move set to reshape the insurance landscape, Qorus and Allianz Partners are launching the Embedded Insurance Community....

Embedded Insurance
08/02/2024 News

Goboony and Swiss Re's iptiQ launch tailored insurance solution for motorhome owners

Initially launched in the Netherlands, the product addresses specific needs identified through direct feedback and surveys from Goboony's active community,...

Embedded Insurance
07/02/2024 Study

Unlocking the future: A deep dive into embedded insurance across key sectors

The transformative impact of Embedded Insurance 2.0 extends across diverse industries. From travel to mobility, health, cybersecurity, and even retail,...

02/02/2024 News

APOLLO Insurance and Zenbase transform credit building for Canadians

Through this partnership, APOLLO customers gain access to Zenbase's CreditBuilder solution, allowing them to leverage existing rent payments to bolster...

31/01/2024 News

Allianz Partners unveils game-changing Allyz mobile app, redefining travel experiences

Allianz Partners has launched the allyz mobile app, a game-changer in digital insurance, assistance, and travel services. Users receive 6...

Digital Reinvention
23/01/2024 Video

Embedded insurance: A game changer for the insurance industry?

Gonzalo Rodriguez, Head of Group B2B2C Partnerships at Assicurazioni Generali, explains that the growing momentum of B2B2C partnerships and embedded...


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