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SME Banking
08/06/2024 News

BPI and NOS launch free app to facilitate small business management

Pulsoo provides an aggregated view of a company's financial position and transactions, while streamlining regulatory and tax compliance.

Embedded Insurance
31/05/2024 Video

PureCyber: Cyber resilience through partnerships

Damon Rands, Founder and CEO of PureCyber, presents their offerings to businesses: monitoring, education, testing and insurance.

Digital Reinvention
30/05/2024 News

Nubank Ultravioleta enhances travel experience with NuViagens

Nubank Ultravioleta has introduced NuViagens, an exclusive platform integrated into the Nubank app, aimed at simplifying travel planning for its...

Embedded Insurance
29/05/2024 Video

Allianz: Pioneering protection in the digital age with Allyz Cyber Care

Genoveva Pérez Lijó, Head of Mobile Device, Digital Risk, and Easy Living at Allianz Partners, presents allyz Cyber Care.

Embedded Insurance
26/05/2024 News

Allianz Partners and Cosmo Connected announce global partnership for micromobility safety

Allianz Partners and Cosmo Connected have entered into a global strategic partnership to enhance the safety of micromobility users. This...

Embedded Insurance
23/05/2024 Article

Partnerships provide insurers with the key to unlock cybersecurity opportunities

The rising threat of cybercrime is challenging insurers to build innovative solutions that will protect their customers and generate new...

Embedded Insurance
12/04/2024 Video

Empowering green mobility: Laka's vision for sustainable insurance with embedded solutions

Tobias Taupitz, the CEO and Co-Founder of Laka, drives his company's aspiration to become the world's leading green mobility partner....

Embedded Insurance
27/03/2024 News

Qover and Yonder enhance travel insurance experience

This collaboration aims to streamline and enrich the travel insurance experience for Yonder's members, bolstering their financial security while traveling.


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