BPI and NOS launch free app to facilitate small business management

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08/06/2024 News

BPI and NOS have launched Pulsoo, a free mobile app designed to simplify the daily management of small businesses. Pulsoo provides an aggregated view of a company's financial position and transactions, while streamlining regulatory and tax compliance.

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15/05/2024 Article

Financial Innovation Spotlight: May 2024 edition

Using Open Banking technology, Pulsoo manages all bank accounts (from any bank) associated with a business. Users can view expenses and revenues by category and link their account with the Tax Authority to receive alerts about important dates for fulfilling their obligations.

The app offers a range of analytical information, such as statistics, trends, open tax obligations, and deadlines, enabling smarter financial management and easier budget preparation. Additionally, the platform provides specialized content to promote digitalization and financial knowledge for SMEs and Sole Proprietors.

Afonso Fuzeta Eça, BPI’s designated Administrator, stated: "We are excited to present the Pulsoo app, the result of collaboration between BPI and NOS. This initiative reflects our commitment to innovative solutions for the business segment, the backbone of the Portuguese economy. We believe Pulsoo will be a valuable tool for Portuguese entrepreneurs, offering a comprehensive view of their business's 'health.' The launch version is just the first step, with more features to be added later this year."

Manuel Ramalho Eanes, NOS Administrator, added: "At NOS, we aim to drive the digital transformation of the country and offer solutions that simplify business operations through technology. This collaboration with BPI to create Pulsoo fits within our commitment to business growth. It is a simple solution identified through customer interactions that addresses the challenges of small business management."

The application is now available to the entire market on the App Store and Google Play, and it is not exclusive to NOS and/or BPI customers.

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