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Digital Reinvention
28/09/2023 Article

Navigating blue oceans

When it comes to competition, the concept of blue ocean is regularly discussed. In this article, Fatih Ogun will list some key considerations related to managing market niches.

Digital Reinvention
21/09/2023 Article

The science of self-disruption

In today’s business world, disruption is the name of the game. Regardless of the industry, disruption is becoming an important...

Sustainability & Regulation
20/09/2023 Article

No clarity on US crypto regulation

The US SEC has launched a regulatory clampdown on the crypto industry in response to the FTX collapse, but the...

Digital Reinvention
14/09/2023 Article

From co-pilot to co-worker: GenAI

Generative AI has taken the industry by storm. Fatih Ogun, Head of Strategy at Akbank, tells us about the points...

13/09/2023 Article

German InsurTech is revolutionizing insurance channels

German InsurTech is garnering growing interest. Historically conservative in terms of innovation, the German insurance industry now appears to be...

Sustainability & Regulation
11/09/2023 Article

Carbon neutrality and intelligence: Into Huawei’s Zero Carbon Showroom

Paolo Barbesino is Senior Advisor at Supernovae Labs. In August 2023, he visited Huawei’s Zero Carbon Showroom in Shenzhen and...

Digital Reinvention
07/09/2023 Article

The fear of heights in new S-curves

The fear of heights brought on by higher-elevation S-curves requires a proactive approach. Fatih Ogun, Head of Strategy at Akbank,...

Digital Reinvention
06/09/2023 Article

What the future has in store for financial services

After an event rich in learnings and participants last June in Milan, the Qorus Reinvent Forum arrives in Dubai, UAE,...


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