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Sustainability & Regulation
23/03/2023 Article

Digital MRV can spur growth in voluntary carbon credit market

To limit global warming to +1.5°C, the voluntary carbon credit (VCC) market has to grow. Digital measurement, reporting and verification processes can play a key role in both scaling up the market and ensuring VCC quality.

Digital Reinvention
20/03/2023 Article

How the digital human industry is changing the customer relationship

Virtual characters are one of the biggest digital opportunities for organisations. In China alone, tech company Baidu said that the...

SME Banking
17/03/2023 Article

Why SVB and Signature Bank failed so fast – and the U.S. banking crisis isn’t over yet

Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failed with enormous speed – so quickly that they could be textbook cases of...

Digital Reinvention
16/03/2023 Article

Changing the way insurers think: The risk concierge concept

Leading insurers are using technology to offer personalized service and a more streamlined customer experience.

SME Banking
15/03/2023 Article

Why did the Silicon Valley Bank go bankrupt? What impact will it have?

In March of 2023, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a leading US-based bank that provides financial services to technology and life...

Digital Reinvention
14/03/2023 Article

Unlock the secrets of Spain’s best banking and fintech experiences for yourself

Major Spanish banks have long been known as innovation and digital transformation leaders. The learning expedition to Spain will take...

Sustainability & Regulation
14/03/2023 Article

Climate change's impacts on life and health insurance

Researchers are increasingly analyzing climate change’s impact on morbidity and mortality rates, in some cases focusing on how climate change...

07/03/2023 Article

The future of financial well-being

In today’s world, financial security is becoming more and more important. Considering market volatility, global macro-economic shocks, changing consumer preferences...


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