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Digital Reinvention
06/10/2022 Article

Quantum computing – the new banking frontier?

Though brands keep associating their names with tech buzzwords such as ‘metaverse’, ‘augmented reality’, ‘NFTs’, ‘blockchain’, ‘cloud computing’, and ‘gamification’, the financial industry garners unclear benefits from doing so. That might not be the case for ‘quantum’.

Sustainability & Regulation
04/10/2022 Article

BNP Paribas Fortis – Positive banking and digital inclusion

BNP Paribas’ Belgium subsidiary has adopted a ‘Positive Banking’ business approach, which is dedicated to providing services and solutions in...

Digital Reinvention
03/10/2022 Article

Qorus Digital Reinvention Community appoints Chairperson

One year after its launch, the Digital Transformation Community is glad to announce the appointment of its Chairperson – Renata...

28/09/2022 Article

Everything you need to know about benchmarking

In today’s dynamic financial services market to stay relevant and competitive, executives must regularly ask themselves three simple questions: 1....

27/09/2022 Article

Defining a new growth trajectory for banks

This article discusses how banks can evolve into boundaryless, smart, and humane organizations and define a new trajectory for sustainable...

Sustainability & Regulation
26/09/2022 Article

Sustainability is no longer an ‘add-on’

Clotilde Bouchet leads the Sustainability & Regulations community at Qorus. She shares with us some insights after the session that...

Digital Reinvention
21/09/2022 Article

Who are the first nominees for the 2022 Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards?

Disruptive innovation by banks, payment institutions and fintech firms will be celebrated at the Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards 2022 –...

Open Finance
20/09/2022 Article

Customers consider insurers as preferred providers for physical and financial wellness advice

Over two thirds of customers are interested in physical and financial wellness, yet only 8% of insurers have established the...


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