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SME Banking
08/03/2023 Study

Banco Pichincha: Building inclusion by empowering women entrepreneurs

Banco Pichincha has been a member of the Financial Alliance for Women since 2014, and it's been recognized for its inclusive leadership and investment in women and women-led businesses globally. Part of the Bank's value proposition is to serve women microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs by including the financial needs, preferences, and specific behaviors of women in its business models.

Digital Reinvention
06/03/2023 Study

Innovation radar: Financial literacy for kids

It may not be easy to teach a child the basics of banking and saving – but some financial institutions...

21/02/2023 Study

The rise of the finfluencer and the psychology of investing for the modern consumer

Jitendra Tekchandani (Jeet), Deep Xpert for Customer Engagement and Digital Ecosystem, Executive Director, Regional MarTech & Cognitive Banking at DBS...

Digital Reinvention
08/02/2023 Study

The new digital frontier: assessing the metaverse’s financial industry potential

In this study, we will discuss the ongoing prospect of the metaverse moving beyond gaming and ultimately unfolding a new...

Digital Reinvention
23/01/2023 Study

Maturity of customer data in banks and insurance companies

This report shows what the current trend regarding the usage of customer data for personalization in the Financial Services sector...

SME Banking
06/12/2022 Study

Discovering the full potential of your SME banking strategy: Unleashing hidden SMEs in a mass-market portfolio

In the following pages of this report you will find answers regarding the current state of data-based strategies in SME...

Digital Reinvention
05/12/2022 Study

Innovation Radar: Banking Innovation Awards 2022 winners

In 2022, we received an impressive 681 innovations from 242 institutions in 57 different countries. The awards culminate in an...

Digital Reinvention
28/11/2022 Study

Accelerating data analytics: How financial services can learn from other sectors

Through one-to-one interviews supported with online questionnaires, Teradata and Qorus have researched the opinions and actions of leaders in data...


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