SME Banking

13/12/2022 coffee

Creating the differentiation point in SME Banking does not necessarily mean high investments or strong innovations. Sometimes it is just about noticing the underserved clients, disadvantaged entrepreneurs, who simply cannot find the missing value in general banking offer. One size does not fit all and so there are dozens of significant niches in SME segments who deserve special treatment or dedicated effort from their financial partners on their business journeys. And usually, there is a significant business potential in many of them, but one cannot catch them all! 

Moreover, the research shows that If more women and those from an ethnic minority are able to get into leadership roles, it can help to transform the makeup of small businesses for the better. As small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and now more than ever during these difficult times, it is crucial to support the above mentioned to be more involved. How to do that? Let’s dedicate one of our online session to learn more from best practices on targeting some significant SME clients and introducing models on how to serve them the best!      





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