• 01 Dec 2022
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  • 02 Dec 2022

Thursday 9:00 AM to Friday 12:00 PM

Reinvent Forum Barcelona

From Vision to Execution
  • Discuss how  artificial intelligence  is changing the banking sector.
  • Learn how to turn the  customer experience  of your company, into the most important asset.
  • Debate the difference between  greenwashing  and  green marketing.
  • Discuss with an expert if banks are  metaverse  ready.
  • Explore the topic of  payments  innovations  across the globe.
  • Join us on  Innovation Route  with CaixaBank


profile picture of Sarp Demiray

Sarp Demiray

European Merchant Bank CEO
profile picture of John Berry

John Berry

Qorus CEO
profile picture of Roberto Ferrari

Roberto Ferrari

Qorus Digital Reinvention Community Lead
profile picture of Carolina Hernández Coderch

Carolina Hernández Coderch

CaixaBank CX Director
profile picture of Albert Mundet

Albert Mundet

FC Barcelona Director of Innovation, GM Barça Innovation Hub
profile picture of Seán Jevens

Seán Jevens

Allied Irish Banks Chief Digital Officer
profile picture of Hannah Moisand

Hannah Moisand

Qorus Head of Content & Strategic Partnerships
profile picture of Antoni Ballabriga

Antoni Ballabriga

BBVA Global Head of Responsible Business
profile picture of Clotilde Bouchet

Clotilde Bouchet

Qorus Community leader
profile picture of Emilio Capela Naya

Emilio Capela Naya

McKinsey & Company Partner
profile picture of Junior Boulleys

Junior Boulleys

TNP Consultants Associate Partner
profile picture of Olivier Jamault

Olivier Jamault

Capgemini Innovation Leader
profile picture of Sarah Kocianski

Sarah Kocianski

Qorus Community Leader / Fintech & insurtech strategist
profile picture of Mariusz Ozga

Mariusz Ozga

Santander Consumer Bank Poland Head of Strategy
profile picture of Pedro Leite

Pedro Leite

ebankIT Head of Sales & Partnerships
profile picture of Andras Fischer

Andras Fischer

OTP Bank Director of Innovation
profile picture of Gonzalo Gortázar

Gonzalo Gortázar

CaixaBank Chief Executive Officer
profile picture of António Fery Antunes

António Fery Antunes

Millennium BCP Head of Direct Channels for SME and Corporates
profile picture of Andy Fuchs

Andy Fuchs

Toyota Mobility Foundation General Manager
profile picture of Maurice Lisi

Maurice Lisi

BPER Banca Head of Direct Channels
profile picture of Marc Caparros Chicon

Marc Caparros Chicon

CaixaBank COE UX Director
profile picture of Marta Leach Cucurella

Marta Leach Cucurella

CaixaBank Omniexperience Manager
profile picture of Ana Canela Prat

Ana Canela Prat

imagin Chief Growth & Engagement Officer
profile picture of Ignacio De Orue Monteverde

Ignacio De Orue Monteverde

imagin Product Leader
profile picture of Ines Soares

Ines Soares

Novobanco Head of Sustainability
profile picture of Gary Lam

Gary Lam

livi bank Chief Technology Officer
profile picture of Clemens Müller

Clemens Müller

George Labs Tribe Lead
profile picture of Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker

Nano Home Loans Co-Founder and CEO
profile picture of Anna Hannem

Anna Hannem

SCOTIABANK GROUP Director, Data Ethics & Use
profile picture of Mónica Correia

Mónica Correia

NiCKEL CEO Nickel Spain
profile picture of Carolina Soares

Carolina Soares

Vacuumlabs Service Design Lead
profile picture of Frederic Porta

Frederic Porta

TNP Consultants Director of Innovation, Data & Digital
profile picture of Álvaro Gaviño Gonzalez

Álvaro Gaviño Gonzalez

BBVA Behavioral Economics Global Leader


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Innovation Route


Why Attend

Metaverse Case Study

Lessons from Failures - with Banking Innovators

Sustainability, Open Finance, Digital Reinvention Open Meet-ups

Global Experts Speakers from Financial Industry and Out-of-Industry

Guided Innovation Route with CaixaBank

A Free Access to the Cosmo Caixa Science Museum

Innovation Route Details

Innovation Route

A tour of the last and most innovative CaixaBank's spaces designed for improving customer and employee experience. You will get the full picture and experience different fractures of the innovation projects. CaixaBank's Executives will be your guides. So, do not hesitate to join the Tour and get inspired!


A 1,200-square-meter space located in the heart of Barcelona that was born with the aim of becoming a place of reference for millennials, and which will serve to increase the customer base and link current ones with advantages and discounts on restaurants and activities inspired by the values of the imagin brand.

Insights Center

CaixaBank's center for integrating customer perceptions into business decision-making. As a knowledge hub on the omnichannel user experience, it provides valuable insights to place people at the center of the CaixaBank experience.

All In One

CaixaBank’s flagship branch to cover all CaixaBank customer segments applying a personalized service with the latest technology at the customer’s service. The largest banking branch in Europe.

Practical information


CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Science Museum

c. Isaac Newton, 26

08022 Barcelona


Hotel Suggestions

You can find hotel suggestions with proximity to the conference venue here.

Site Visit Tour

The Innovation Route - CaixaBank's executives will guide you through their inspiring projects - Insights Center, All In One and imaginCafé.


Join the Qorus

Today, Qorus is a catalyst for reinvention for our financial services members by helping them to go further, be faster and work together.