04/10/2022 Webinar

Wellness-centric strategies can strengthen customer relationships and spark new growth for life and health insurance providers. But to seize the most profitable opportunities, insurers must invest, strategize, prepare, and implement complex change – all the while competing with a broad range of players in the marketplace. Capgemini’s research shows that only 8% of insurers have established effective wellness-centric value propositions and built the necessary capabilities. The World Life and Health Insurance Report 2022 from Capgemini and Qorus offers a roadmap to deliver Wellness-as-a-Service in personal and group lines.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The key findings from the World Life and Health Insurance Report 2022
  • Industry experts’ view on the Wellness Revolution: how insurers are driving engagement with customer well-being
  • The opportunities and challenges of Wellness-as-a-Service
  • How to build trust to overcome customer reluctance in sharing data
  • The role of technology and ecosystems in deepening customer engagement and creating risk prevention propositions

Please note that this webinar is open to financial institutions only.


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