• 28 Feb 2023

Tuesday 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Winning in SME payments: optimizing technology & data to drive deep engagement

SME Banking

In our first open SME Banking Community event of 2023, we’ll have a brief look on the best practices and innovations in SME Banking Payments. Payments or if you like, transactions, are not anymore a primary service of most incumbents banking players. From the first sight, one can easily tell that banks have lost the value in payments and even understanding the payments business. It’s usually the first area of disruption by neoplayers whether we talk of neobanks, payment fintechs or even e-commerce and tech giants. And let’s be frank, they seem to be succeeding in that play by far more than banks. The evolution of embedded finance will make the future even tougher. However, transactions are the gold mine of data gathering and loosing in this battle can predict how this war might end.

SMEs expect quick, seamless and agile approach in payments. They want to be in charge of their cashflow and can appreciate the value behind the use od data to help them manage their business.

Let’s have a look on a few best practices and insights that might change your defence strategy into offence.


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Ken Burke


SME Banking Community Chairman & Senior Advisor

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Mark Schultz

RFI Global

Global Head - Business Payments

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Elias Ghanem


Global Head of Capgemini Research Institute for Financial Services

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Simon Parisot


Founder & CEO

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Francesco Tirelli

Tyl by Natwest

Chief Commercial Officer


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