• 09 May 2023

Tuesday 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2023


The mobility market evolution poses challenges and opportunities for Property and Casualty insurers. The automotive industry strives for a triple-zero future with zero congestion, zero emissions, and zero crashes. This vision aligns with shifting customer preferences, such as those of urbanites who have woven new mobility solutions into their personal and business lifestyles. 

In this year’s World Property and Casualty Insurance Report, developed in collaboration with Qorus, we examine the challenges and opportunities posed by the mobility market evolution; we analyze why the industry needs to shift from simple auto insurance offerings to truly robust mobility market protection; and then we provide recommendations for how insurers make the move from insurance product developer to mobility solution co-designer.

In this webinar, we will discuss the key findings from the World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2023 and have a panel discussion on how to drive growth in the evolving mobility ecosystem.

Please note that this webinar is open to financial institutions and automobile firms only.


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profile picture of Luca Russignan

Luca Russignan


Head of Insurance, Capgemini Research Institute for Financial Services

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Kiran Boosam


Global Insurance Industry Leader

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Luke Harris


Vice President, Innovation

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Edouard de Lamarzelle

Stellantis Insurance


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Shaughn McCluskey

Amazon Web Services

Global Industry Specialist – Insurance

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Lana Tahirly Abdullayeva


Strategic Advisor, Digital FS


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