• 28 Sep 2023

Thursday 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


Unleashing the power of customer experience: Designing for client needs and expectations


In today's competitive business landscape, firms are continuously seeking effective ways to engage with their clients and fulfill their needs through UI/UX design and value proposition. This event will delve into the different approaches that organizations can adopt to enhance customer experience based on the complexity and emotional weight of decision-making for clients. We will also explore the factors that determine whether a single delivery model or a multi-layered approach is more suitable, including risk assessment, compliance, accountability, and the complexity of value chain design and fulfillment.


This event will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from diverse backgrounds to share their insights, experiences, and best practices in client engagement. 


Join us for an engaging and insightful event that will empower you to transform your organization's client engagement approach. Register now to secure your spot at this must-attend event!



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profile picture of Sarah Kocianski

Sarah Kocianski


Embedded Insurance Community Leader

profile picture of Emel Çuhacı

Emel Çuhacı

Emirates NBD

VP, Customer Experience and Conversational Banking

profile picture of Roger Portnoy

Roger Portnoy


Chief Strategy Advisor

profile picture of Conrad Ford

Conrad Ford

Allica Bank

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

profile picture of Francesca Fichera

Francesca Fichera

Banca Widiba

Brand Lead

profile picture of Gianvito Toscano

Gianvito Toscano

Banca Widiba

UX & QA Lead

profile picture of Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams

Absa Group

Senior Design Director


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