• 26 Oct 2023

Thursday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and Sustainability in financial institutions



Sustainability & Regulation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to an organization's commitment to operating in an ethical and responsible manner, considering the impact of its activities on society, the environment, and stakeholders. Financial institutions often combine different models or approaches to CSR, depending on their specific priorities, market context, and stakeholder expectations. Regardless of the chosen model, successful implementation of CSR in financial institutions requires strong leadership commitment, dedicated resources, effective stakeholder engagement, robust ESG risk management frameworks, and transparent reporting mechanisms.

During this event we will discuss best practices of financial institutions CSR models and discover together how CSR models should align with the organization's vision, values, and long-term sustainability objectives, and at the same time be supported by effective governance structures, stakeholder engagement, and robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms.


profile picture of Adlen Bouchenafa

Adlen Bouchenafa

TNP Consultants

Partner, Director of Sustainability

profile picture of Clotilde Bouchet

Clotilde Bouchet



profile picture of Peter Plochan

Peter Plochan


Senior Community Advisor

profile picture of Gabriel Marosi

Gabriel Marosi

Erste Group

ESG Advisor to the Board

profile picture of Mallika Lheritier

Mallika Lheritier

Mobilize Financial Services

Group Chief Transformation & Sustainability Officer


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