• 16 Mar 2021
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  • 17 Mar 2021

Tuesday 10:00 AM to Wednesday 3:00 PM

EfmaLIVE: MEA Summit

Open Finance
Join Efma's online series of 2 episodes on 16th & 17th March 2021 at 11.00 Dubaï time | 8.00 CET | 15.00 SGT
In this time of uncertainty, Efma has adjusted itself to better serve its members and community. We have transformed our flagship event held in Dubai every year in to an online series of 2 episodes.  
During these two days, global and regional leaders will give in-depth presentations and renowned experts will showcase the significance of data and how to avoid breach in order to serve your customer better, how the payment industry has transformed and how the use of cash is declining at the rapid pace and what that means for the financial industry. And how platformication is changing the game and open banking is becoming necessary for partnerships to flourish. SME is and has always been the game changer, they remain crucial for any economy, so how banks are adapting to their evolved needs. What initiatives successful players have taken in order to adjust in this new normal kind of scenario?
The event will be dedicated to addressing the most pressing issues the financial industry is facing today:
- How the crisis has changed banking from board level strategy to bottom-line focus on innovation 
- Handling data and workforce while making smart technology choices 
- A new generation of business models and payment offerings 
- Transforming business strategies to service SME customers to gain competitive advantage 
- Creating marketplaces by leveraging open banking and strategic partnerships 
- Banks + Fintechs: Keys to a successful collaboration
Join Efma's online series of 2 episodeson 16th & 17th March 2021 at 11.00 Dubaï time | 8.00 CET | 15.00 SGT


profile picture of Amit Kurseja

Amit Kurseja


Head of Online Merchants, Amazon Pay

profile picture of Raja Al Mazrouei

Raja Al Mazrouei

Fintech Hive

Executive Vice President

profile picture of Jocelyne Chahwan

Jocelyne Chahwan

Blom Bank

Deputy CEO and Head of Retail Banking at BLOM Bank

profile picture of Ramana Kumar

Ramana Kumar


Chief Executive Officer

profile picture of Philip King

Philip King

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Global Head of Retail Banking

profile picture of Dinesh Sharma

Dinesh Sharma

HSBC Middle East

CEO Wealth & Personal Banking, EMEA

profile picture of Subroto Som

Subroto Som


Senior Executive Vice President, Group Head of Retail Banking

profile picture of Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma

Kotak Mahindra Bank

President & CDO

profile picture of Fred De Melker

Fred De Melker



profile picture of Syed Asif Shah

Syed Asif Shah

Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC)

Chief Information Officer

profile picture of David Barton-Grimley

David Barton-Grimley

Capgemini Invent

Director - Inventive Banking Lead

profile picture of Ramzi Saboury

Ramzi Saboury


Chief Commercial Officer

profile picture of Halil Ozcan

Halil Ozcan


EVP, Chief Digital Officer

profile picture of Adel Hameed

Adel Hameed


SVP - Global Customer Success

profile picture of Fahim uz Zaman

Fahim uz Zaman


General Manager, Middle East and Africa

profile picture of Ahmed Issa

Ahmed Issa

Commercial International Bank

Chief Executive Officer of Retail Banking and a Member of the Board’s Management Committee

profile picture of Amit Malhotra

Amit Malhotra

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Global Head of Retail Banking

profile picture of Gurhan Cam

Gurhan Cam

Neohub, DenizBank Group

Founder and CEO

profile picture of John Berry

John Berry



profile picture of Jenine Zachar

Jenine Zachar

Standard Bank

Head Value Propositions & Client Experience; Business & Commercial Banking SA



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