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18 Apr 2024
18/04/2024 Coffee

Evaluating transition & physical risks for sustainable finance: Challenges & trends

The event explores the complexities of transition and physical risks, highlighting the ongoing shift towards sustainability and the imperative for proactive adaptation in the face of evolving regulatory landscapes and emerging opportunities.

04 Jul 2024
04/07/2024 Coffee

Climate change and insurance gap

Climate change intensifies the insurance gap, driving a surge in extreme weather events and economic losses. Join our online event...


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Previous ESG & Sustainability Events

15 Feb 2024
15/02/2024 Coffee

Navigating the green horizon: COP28's impact on banks and the imperative of transition planning for financial resilience

COP28 in Dubai, despite leadership controversies, shaped global climate responses and emphasized transitioning away from fossil fuels. The historic deal...

26 Oct 2023
26/10/2023 Coffee

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and Sustainability in financial institutions

During this event we will discuss best practices of FIs CSR models and discover together how CSR models should align...

21 Sep 2023
21/09/2023 Coffee

Impact of climate change on insurance portfolios, customers and strategies

Climate change is having a significant impact on the (re)insurance and asset management industry, requiring companies to adjust their portfolios,...

30 Aug 2023
30/08/2023 Webinar

Tips for an award-winning submission

The Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards is now open for entries until 13 September. The awards celebrate cutting edge innovation that...

Digital Reinvention
05 Jul 2023
05/07/2023 Coffee

Reinventing the insurance industry: harnessing technology to transform insurance

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by the digital revolution, changing customer expectations, and the need to address...

06 Jun 2023
06/06/2023 Coffee

Latest Trends & Innovations in Climate Risk Management

“Climate change presents significant financial risks” according to leading regulators and they demand banks to take actions accordingly. What are...

30 Mar 2023
30/03/2023 Coffee

ESG disclosures (TCFD, EU taxonomy, CSRD, EFRAG, IFRS)

Across the various jurisdictions there is an avalanche of sustainability & ESG & Climate reporting & disclosure requirements heading towards...