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Digital Reinvention
09 Nov 2022
09/11/2022 Coffee

Machine learning: Transforming the banking industry from inside

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are having major impacts in the world of financial services. Financial institutions are aware of the potential of these technologies and are already exploring how advanced analytics could enable them to streamline operations, improve product offerings and enhance customer experiences.

Sustainability & Regulation
08 Sep 2022
08/09/2022 Coffee

Sustainability in Insurance

More info on the agenda of the event and the speakers will be updated soon.

Digital Reinvention
07 Sep 2022
07/09/2022 Coffee

How to revamp financial services: a journey towards digital renovation

Digital Transformation has been the hot buzz term for the past years in our space and it is only building...

SME Banking
23 Aug 2022
23/08/2022 Coffee

Unlocking the small business potential for disempowered

The research shows that If more women and those from an ethnic minority are able to get into leadership roles,...

Digital Reinvention
06 Jul 2022
06/07/2022 Coffee

Machine Learning in key areas of Insurance: Streamlining processes and leveraging a business-led approach

Disruption has created both opportunities and challenges for insurance companies around the world. Maintaining financial performance while managing increased expectations...

SME Banking
26 Apr 2022
26/04/2022 Coffee

Recovery plans and the role of beyond banking services in it

Our April’s online meeting of

24 Mar 2022
24/03/2022 Coffee

Efma Customer-centricity Benchmark: Improving customer trust and sales

Many organizations claim to be customer-centric but display classic product-centric behavior causing failure to build customer trust and loyalty. Often...

06 Oct 2021
06/10/2021 Coffee

Innovation in the future: Getting the mix right

Fostering/cultivating innovation is no easy task. We will look at real-world examples and insights from


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