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Open Finance
23 Mar 2023
23/03/2023 Coffee

Best Practices In Open Insurance / Qorus - Capgemini NewTech Challenge Virtual Ceremony

At this event, we will be exploring best practices in the field of open finance in insurance, as well as naming some of the most innovative companies operating in this space.

Sustainability & Regulation
30 Mar 2023
30/03/2023 Coffee

ESG disclosures (TCFD, EU taxonomy, CSRD, EFRAG, IFRS)

Across the various jurisdictions there is an avalanche of sustainability & ESG & Climate reporting & disclosure requirements heading towards...

Digital Reinvention
19 Apr 2023
19/04/2023 Coffee

Reshaping Banking: The Global Digital Banking Radar 2023

Be among the first to listen to key findings from Qorus-ebankIT research.

Open Finance
25 May 2023
25/05/2023 Coffee

Best Practices In Open Finance Qorus - Capgemini NewTech Challenge Virtual Ceremony

The event is for anyone wanting to keep up to date with industry knowledge and trends! We will deep dive...


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Previous Coffees

Digital Reinvention
15 Mar 2023
15/03/2023 Coffee

Automate or extinct: How process automation speeds up your transformation and drive ROI

In the recent research project, together with UiPath, we asked our members - Is Automation 2.0 (Intelligent Automation capabilities beyond...

SME Banking
28 Feb 2023
28/02/2023 Coffee

Winning in SME payments: optimizing technology & data to drive deep engagement

In our first open SME Banking Community event of 2023, we’ll have a brief look on the best practices and...

Open Finance
14 Dec 2022
14/12/2022 Coffee

Best Practices In Open Banking Payments

Featuring the Qorus -Capgemini NewTech Challenge winners: Payments

SME Banking
13 Dec 2022
13/12/2022 Coffee

Inclusive small business support: unlocking the business potential for female-led, ethnic minorities entrepreneurs and other key SMEs

Creating the differentiation point in SME Banking does not necessarily mean high investments or strong innovations.

Sustainability & Regulation
08 Nov 2022
08/11/2022 Coffee

Affluent banking and ESG: Wealth for good – a new paradigm in wealth management

Private wealth management arena is changing. Increasingly, private banking clients realize that ESG criteria cannot be ignored and that it...

SME Banking
03 Nov 2022
03/11/2022 Coffee

I/Ensuring SMEs future: Bancassurance services and insurance products bundling

Learn from some of the global leaders and ask them questions of your interest to help you solve your own...

Sustainability & Regulation
13 Oct 2022
13/10/2022 Coffee

Data management and ESG

During this event, we will cover the latest ESG and Climate Change trends with specific focus on data implications for...