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29 Nov 2023
29/11/2023 Coffee

Insuring the future of mobility: the importance of partnerships in a rapidly evolving landscape

Future position of insurance in mobility will be shaped by ongoing technological advancements, changing consumer behavior, and evolving regulatory frameworks. One of the key roles of insurance in mobility will be to provide coverage for new and emerging risks associated with the use of new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles...

Digital Reinvention
13 Dec 2023
13/12/2023 Coffee

People-powered transformation: Cultivating digital champions

Explore the profound impact of individuals as key drivers of digital transformation in financial industry and discover how their active...


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Digital Reinvention
15 Nov 2023
15/11/2023 Coffee

Banking transformed: AI/ML and GenAI revolution

Discover the preliminary key findings derived from an extensive global survey and enriched by the invaluable insights shared by our...

Sustainability & Regulation
26 Oct 2023
26/10/2023 Coffee

Unveiling efficient organizational models for CSR and Sustainability in financial institutions

During this event we will discuss best practices of FIs CSR models and discover together how CSR models should align...

25 Oct 2023
25/10/2023 Coffee

Powering the future: the impact of electric vehicles on mobility and finance partnerships

What role do collaboration and innovation play in successfully navigating the transition to electric vehicles, and how can they help...

Digital Reinvention
18 Oct 2023
18/10/2023 Coffee

The Convergence of Data & AI: Empowering the future of financial services

Join us in exploring the transformative power of data in shaping the future of banking and financial services.

27 Sep 2023
27/09/2023 Coffee

Revolutionizing the auto industry: exploring the transformative effects of distribution changes on financing, insurance, and leasing

The automotive sector is experiencing swift changes, largely propelled by technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences, and emerging business strategies. It...

Sustainability & Regulation
21 Sep 2023
21/09/2023 Coffee

Impact of climate change on insurance portfolios, customers and strategies

Climate change is having a significant impact on the (re)insurance and asset management industry, requiring companies to adjust their portfolios,...

Digital Reinvention
05 Jul 2023
05/07/2023 Coffee

Reinventing the insurance industry: harnessing technology to transform insurance

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by the digital revolution, changing customer expectations, and the need to address...