• 16 May 2024

Thursday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (CEST)


Cybersecurity: The role of the banks and insurance

Embedded Insurance

Examine symbiotic relationships between financial institutions and embedded cybersecurity insurance, emphasizing collaborative efforts against digital risks and cyber threats.

This session organized with our partner Allianz Partners, will explore the complexities of cybersecurity within the financial services industry and discuss effective cyber risk management practices.

Invited experts will provide case studies about how pivotal institutions are in guarding against digital breaches and cyber attacks, insights into risk management within the automotive sector and the pressing challenges in banking that demand robust cyber insurance solutions.


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profile picture of Genoveva Pérez Lijó

Genoveva Pérez Lijó

Allianz Partners

Head of Mobile Device, Digital Risk and Easy Living in Allianz Partners

profile picture of Damon Rands

Damon Rands


Founder and CEO

profile picture of Sebastian Mrotzek

Sebastian Mrotzek

Redwood Bank

Chief Information and Technology Officer

profile picture of Karl Schlauch

Karl Schlauch


Principal CyberSecurity - Threat Research, Ethical Hacker and Incident Handler

profile picture of Sarah Kocianski

Sarah Kocianski


Embedded Insurance Community Leader at Qorus | CEO at FinTech Wales


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