Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2016

imaginBank, CaixaBank’s mobile bank for Millennials

03/02/2016 Banking Innovation


CaixaBank launches imaginBank, the first mobile only bank in Spain, and the first in the world in which operations are carried out exclusively through apps made for mobile phones and social networks.

Innovation presentation

CaixaBank has created imaginBank, the first mobile bank in Spain, and the first in the world that can only be accessed using mobile devices and social networks.

Thanks to imaginBank, it will no longer be necessary to visit a branch or access our website. Now, just a mobile device is enough to manage your personal finances, make small payments between individuals or enjoy a wide range of offers in shopping and leisure.

imaginBank is a service aimed at young people who are looking for a new model of financial services based on its simplicity, transparency and social experience.

imaginBank is released into the market with a comprehensive offer of financial services specifically designed for the mobile environment. The basic product is the imaginBank account, without fees or linking conditions, and with advanced services, both for personal finance management and for carrying out P2P transfers and payments.

Customers contract an imaginBank account and a card using a free mobile app and gain full control over their personal finances. They can define budgets, carry out transfers with just the phone number, take out loans and access the latest payment methods such as the contactless wristband or mobile payment. They can also check the status of their account on Facebook.

Uniqueness of the project

imaginBank changes completely the way people interact with their bank: a mobile and social bank with which to interact only through mobile phones and social networks.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive design, created specifically for a mobile environment, the app allows you to consult the commercial offer and balance, take out contracts and manage your personal global position.

Unlike traditional banking, imaginBank uses very simple and clear language, which makes the communication with our customers that much easier.

Some of the entirely innovative features that help us achieve an even more agile experience are:

- Loan grants

- NFC payments for any client who can pay with their mobile phone

- Possibility to withdraw money from an ATM with a code

- Logging in the APP with a fingerprint reader

- ATM finder in smartwatch

- Customer service also by chat and WhatsApp

- Consulting bills and account and card transactions using the new Facebook App.

In-Depth Analysis

The Reason Behind

CaixaBank, as a global leader in mobile banking and innovation, has created a new fully-digital service model based on the possibilities brought about by the technological development and high penetration rate of smartphones and social networks, especially among young people.

imaginBank is the first mobile and social network bank, designed to meet the needs of young digital natives that have changed their perception of the traditional banking sector.

At imaginBank all the customers have access to a free account and banking card, without fees and always at their disposal, without queues, in a very user-friendly mobile app.

imaginBank was born to offer a simple and uncomplicated product to Millennials that will allow them to monitor their finances at a glance.


The imaginBank project has required the involvement of many employees and companies of the CaixaBank group: the conceptualization team made up by different members of e-la Caixa, the IT services team in the development of the mobile app and the social features (Facebook App, ATM finder in Twitter, presence in Social Networks), and the seamless collaboration of CaixaBank’s Marketing and Innovation teams in the coordination and communication of the project.

Paying special attention to the feedback, user experience and usability, we have carried out countless user tests, applying their suggestions in design and layout.

In total, over 100 people have been necessary to make this project a reality.

Key Dates

  • Launch date 14 January 2016

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