12/09/2017 Banking Innovation


Mobile Identification makes it possible to identify yourself in a fast and simple way without visiting a bank.

Innovation presentation

The result of our customer journey analyses inspired us to do research the possible mobile identification solutions. With our mobile identification app our customers can simply identify themselves at home, and a visit to a Rabobank office only for identification is no longer necessary.

Rabobank developed this solution so customers can choose which channel they prefer. Visit a Rabobank office for identification, especially for our young adult customers, takes too much effort, so we want to try make things fast & simple.

We are the first bank in the Netherlands which offers this way of identification. The project already delivered a working test app, and is now being integrated in the Rabobank environment. We expect to launch this process to our young adults customers in October 2017.

Uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness about this way of identification is that it is not used yet in the Netherlands. There are ways to identify yourself online (transaction €0,1, “derived identification”) but they are not available for customers who are never identified themselves by another bank, especially our young adult target group. The mobile identification app combines two advanced technologies: the reading of the identification document with NFC or OCR together with a biometrical comparison of the photo from the identification document with a short movieclip from the customer.

This way of identification is a method to at least maintain the current quality of face-to-face identification and improve our customer experience at the same time.

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