11/09/2018 Banking Innovation


NBO’s mobile app is developed to suit the banking needs and preferences of its customers, allowing them to bank how they want, whenever they want - making it convenient, secure and hassle-free

Innovation presentation

NBO’s mobile app is an integrated platform that provides customers with a reliable, convenient and seamless banking experience, allowing users to complete all banking transactions. Customers can do simple things such as open accounts, pay utility and credit card bills, locate branches and ATMs to applying for products such as the Easy Payment Plan (EPP), make local or international money transfers. The app is fitted with a geolocation functionality giving customers real time notifications of special discounts and offers for cardholders. It also gives customers access to the Bank’s reward program, Nuqati.

The app was a collaborative project that came to life with the support from multiple departments within the Bank and from valuable input and feedback from NBO customers. Through direct customer feedback, we were able to develop a mobile app to suit the banking needs and preferences of our customers. The NBO mobile app works to solve many roadblocks customers often face in banking and instead allows customers to bank how they want, whenever they want - making it convenient and hassle-free. The app promotes a digital lifestyle delivering products and services simply through a touch of a button. To date, there are around 6,000 customers using the app daily, which is significantly higher than the numbers of customers visiting any branch.

In line Oman’s 2040 economic vision and its 2030 digital strategy, NBO is part of the transformation and the adoption of its Mobile App continues to help move the Sultanate towards a more digitalized society.

Uniqueness of the project

Design is not simply about aesthetics. Although it is an important aspect, what matters more is an app’s functionality. NBO’s Mobile App is easy to use; it continues to evolve by adding additional features. Further, it utilizes a cross-platform coverage, making it available across a range of devices. With unbeatable performance, the app is quick to launch. NBO has designated teams who are responsible to ensure that the app continues to function as intended. The security features ensure that customers data is kept confidential. After initial registration login is done by finger-print. All activity goes through a seamless authorization progress that notifies customers immediately via SMS or e-mail. With no data saved on the phone, all information is protected in case of theft and loss. Available on all leading mobile operating systems, the app has also been developed as the first mobile banking app available on the Apple watch within the Sultanate.

NBO is constantly making improvements and updates to ensure that the mobile app is at its best and provides customers with easier ways to bank. Again, providing customers a ‘one stop shop’ for all their financial needs while other big banks have multiple apps for various needs.

When designing the NBO’s mobile app, the Bank’s involved departments evaluated many other platforms and decided to instead create solutions that are most suitable to meet the needs of its specific customers. Each feature was developed through direct feedback from customers and employees. With the help of an initial test group that was able to critique and evaluate the application, NBO was able to develop something together with the IT and business teams. The soft colors and the decluttered interface makes it easy on the eyes, its friendly features along with the finger print sensor makes it convenient to use. The technology selected is to ensure that customer requirements are met. By incorporating direct customer feedback, NBO was able to develop a mobile app to suit the banking needs and preferences of its customers.

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