Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2021- Nominated

Activation of the security key (M-Token) through the Bradesco mobile app: autonomy, agility and security for the customer

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27/12/2019 Banking Innovation


Autonomy with agility and security, that's what this novelty provides to Bradesco customers! With this solution, customers can register, by themselves, their Security Key through the Banco Bradesco application on their cell phone, without needing any external validation. In just a few minutes, the customer can access the application and carry out transactions with all the security that Bradesco offers.

Innovation presentation

Thinking about convenience, autonomy and offering our customers a simpler and more objective experience, we offer the activation of the security key through the Bradesco App on the cell phone in a 100% digital journey, so that they can access their account and carry out transactions on the spot. . That is, after installing the App for the first time or reinstalling the Bradesco App, the customer can activate the device in an autonomous activation journey - without relying on any interaction with the bank or employees, without the need to go to a branch or making a call to call centers. It is an intuitive and safe journey in order to solve a need signaled by Bradesco customers. It is a project that offers yet another modern, safe and autonomous service channel.

The innovation, launched in November 2020, meets a customer need that is looking for increasingly digital solutions. On the other hand, it also reduces calls to the Central and service at branches, which has an impact on better operational efficiency.

As of August 31, 2021 over 2.4 million users have been impacted with the solution!

Uniqueness of the project

The solution was born from the bank's challenge to provide something innovative for customers using mobile devices and, in this way, add more convenience and security to the daily lives of customers, eliminating contact with call centers, traveling to a machine self-service or even a physical agency.

With this, we guarantee customer satisfaction by solving the situation on your own, wherever you are, in just a few minutes.

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