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Emirates NBD, a leading banking group in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) region,...

10/09/2019 Banking Innovation


U By Emaar is the region’s first dual-chip credit card which allows customers to instantly earn and redeem across all Emaar touchpoints agnostic of acquirer or brand with no intervention directly from retailers with an ability to accrue loyalty reward points also onto the same Credit Card for usage.

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The U By Emaar Credit Cards was a convergence of a vision shared by two of the biggest home grown UAE brands - Emirates NBD & Emaar, to launch a Credit Card product that truly differentiates itself in the region in terms of Customer Value, Building Experiences & Loyalty & Driving strong ROI. The Cards were launched on 18th September 2018 across 3 variants offering an unparalleled rewards program with a complimentary tier status in the U By Emaar program granting multiple additional lifestyle benefits and privileges including exclusive access to priceless experiences, movie offers, shopping previews etc.

1. U By Emaar Family

2. U By Emaar Signature

3. U By Emaar Infinite

In a market crowded with Credit cards which are predominantly single product / multi brand retailers, the need was to establish a strong lifestyle and retail centric product in the market which resonates across consumer (high) spend categories while bringing everyday value to customers. The U By Emaar Credit Card is the global first retail conglomerate credit card offering customers an unparalleled rewards eco-system across 2500+ touch points in Emaar including The Dubai Mall, Marina Mall, The Emaar Hospitality Group, Emaar Entertainment Group & Emaar Community Centers.

The market has taken the product exceedingly well; within the first 3 months of the launch, our acquisition numbers were 200% over target making U By Emaar Cards our fastest selling product. With 50,000+ cards acquired in less than a year of launch, this product already accounts for over 30% of Emirates NBD credit card sales and 6% of credit card sales across the UAE.

Uniqueness of the project

Innovation has been a cornerstone for Emirates NBD. Across products & services, we aim to continuously ideate, Improve & Innovate – delivering unique solutions & products for our customers which has enabled us to maintain a market leadership spend share of over 20%.

The UbyEmaar Credit Cards is another landmark product launch which has established Emirates NBD as frontrunners in the innovation space. Right from conceptualizing & building an integrated loyalty program which included the largest mall in the world to integrating thousands of retailers across categories on a Chip based solution to deliver a loyalty solution is aimed at resolving complex issues to deliver simple end state user friendly solution.

With the U By Emaar Credit Card, the region’s first dual-chip credit card was enabled allowing customers to instantly earn and redeem across all Emaar touchpoints via MIDs agnostic of acquirer or brand with no intervention directly from retailers. This was the first time in the region where retailers did not have to make any technical upgrades at their end and customers could seamlessly chose from rewards or credit line from the POS machine.I n addition, inclusion of Bar codes on the Credit Card reverse for identification of U By Emaar tier member. Hence, this 2 in 1 loyalty and credit card – allows customer to use the credit card & simultaneously redeem directly at POS in addition to being able to enjoy U By Emaar tier benefits and earnings from Emaar via barcodes at the back of the card.

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