Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2019

2019 was the 7th edition edition of the now Qorus Banking Innovation. The awards were presented at an awards ceremony streamed live from Paris. This year’s competition attracted more than 600 innovations from 235 institutions in 70 countries.

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  • Offering Innovation 2019

    Innovations aimed at widening the traditional banking products offering plafond with niche-oriented products as well as value added services. Innovative products and services that bring the bank outside their traditional boundaries right into customer’s daily life and needs. This category includes innovations also in the payments arena that enable faster, easier and safer payments for customers #ValueAddedServices #NicheOrientedOffering #NewProducts #DigitalPlatform...

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  • Neobanks & Specialized Players 2019

    Innovations from Digital Attackers with banking license or new brands launched by incumbents aimed at creating scalable new end-to-end value proposition such as new mobile only brand or pan-European platform banks for SMEs. This includes innovative strategies and offering that enable faster and agile growth in terms of customer acquisition and segment penetration #Fintech #Attackers #Neobanks #Agile #PlatformBanks #IncumbentsThatLaunchNeobanks

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  • Digital Marketing & Communication 2019

    Innovations aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing funnel or at rethinking how the Bank reach Customers for marketing purpose in the digital space, also increasing customer and prospect awareness and boosting contact-to-sales conversion #ContentPersonalization #ContentOptimization #NicheCustomerTargeting #NewCampaignConcepts #BrandAwareness #ProximityMarketing #Prospecting&Retargeting #Online&OfflineTrafficGeneration

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  • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence 2019

    Innovations aimed at becoming a data-driven bank leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence at scale. Innovations in this category include for example analytics-dedicated center of excellence as well as data monetization initiatives and artificial intelligence solutions to provide new support and advisory services #CustomerAnalytics      #ArtificialIntelligence    #DataMonetization #DataDrivenPersonalization

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  • Phygital Distribution & Experience 2019

    Inovations in Banks’ physical and digital distribution channels aiming to enhance and reinvent the Bank-Customer relationship and to change how Banks engage Customers at every touchpoint, providing a seamless and personalized experience. Innovations in this category may include new retail experiences, mobile or social as sales or service channel #DistributionModelInnovation #Omnichannel #DigitalTransformation #DigitalSales #ExperienceMeasurement #GeolocatedServices #SeamlessExperience #NewBranchLayout #MobileSales #SocialSales #DigitalSME...

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  • Workforce Experience 2019

    Innovations aimed at empowering Bank’s workforce or strengthening workforce methodologies and processes, leveraging technology to infuse high-value human touch in the relationship model. Innovations in this category may also include new tools or methods for measuring performance as well as initiatives that aim to diffuse a digital culture, facilitating long lasting behavioural changes #WorkforceEmpowerment #HumanTouchinCustomerRelationship #DiffusedDigitalCulture #GamificationForBeahaviouralChange #ContinuousLearning #EmployeeExperience #DigitalLearning...

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  • Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking 2019

    Innovations that demonstrate an institution’s recognition and objective to address social issues (e.g. inclusion, diversity), to support SMEs in their development, to develop an environmentally-friendly policy,  and that demonstrate their desire to build and respect the trust customers place in them. #UniversalDesign #BarrierFreeBanking #Unbanked #Underbanked #MicroCredit #SocialCrowdfunding #GreenBanking #Transparency #SocialImpact #EnvironmentalImpact

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Featured Innovations

  • 18/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Atom: A self-assessed capability diagnostic.

    User research showed people respond better to casual conversation than long, multi-page forms. Consequently we developed a dynamic chatbot that...

  • 13/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Talking ATM

    The Commercial International Bank (CIB) focuses on financial inclusion and one of the many initiatives the bank undertook recently was...

  • 10/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Krungsri GIFT

    Disrupting the Loyalty Program "Krungsri GIFT” is raising the bar on customer loyalty programs by creating omnichannel experiences, leveraging data-driven...

  • 10/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    U By Emaar Credit Cards

    The U By Emaar Credit Cards was a convergence of a vision shared by two of the biggest home grown...

  • 10/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Digital SME Ecosystem – Businesses, Accoutants and Bank together | M-Accountancy

    Concept and objectives: Provide new digital services that leads us to be the main Bank off all Micro and Small...

  • 10/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Smartbank - Smart way of living!

    Millennials segments have been the last in the list of traditional banks not far ago. However, they are the cornerstone...

  • 10/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Insta Banking

    ICICI Bank, being at the forefront of leading transformations in the Indian banking industry, has always been quick to adopt...

  • 10/09/2019 Banking Innovation

    Fintech Open Platform for Growth

    Open Business is an innovative digital platform where you can access the best resources to strengthen, complement or redesign your...