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20/05/2024 Banking Innovation

Female Led Made Enterprises

At KCB Bank, we're dedicated to gender equality and economic empowerment. Our FLME proposition pledges Sh250 billion over five years to support women-owned enterprises. We've disbursed KShs114.6 billion to 683,887 businesses and trained 3,000 women.

20/05/2024 Banking Innovation

SAB Innovation Excellence Award 2023

The SAB Innovation Excellence Award honors our teams' creativity and dedication every year. With this Award, we demonstrate how innovation...

16/05/2024 Banking Innovation


Alpian SA introduces the Intelligent Wealth Management and Everyday Banking Platform, a groundbreaking digital solution designed to transform personal finance....

16/05/2024 Banking Innovation

BNI API x Gen AI Integration

We've incorporated Artificial Intelligence to enhance user interactions, streamline issue resolution, and provide predictive analytics. Unlock the power of AI-driven...

16/05/2024 Banking Innovation


Integrating API could be as flexible and effortless as you need it to be. We cater the client needs of...

16/05/2024 Banking Innovation

BNI Digital Services Portal - Empowers Client via Community from developers to developer

BNI Digital Service Portal reimagines a centralized community for usage of Banking API

14/05/2024 Banking Innovation

The Locomotive of Digital Transformation: RPA Governance Project with Scrum Methodology

This project is designed to effectively manage and monitor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes within the organization.

14/05/2024 Banking Innovation

Riyad Bank Al Hilal Co-branded Credit Cards

Riyad Bank became the only bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to launch football co-branded cards by partnering up...

10/05/2024 Banking Innovation

Business Banking Account Onboarding

State of the art digital onboarding solution for SME clients in UAE, helped reduced turn around time for account opening...

06/05/2024 Banking Innovation

Fully Digital Instant Account Opening Journey

Experience banking revolutionized: instant account opening in MVR or USD, seamless self-registration, Visa Debit Instant Cards, and fully digital Ujaalaa...

03/05/2024 Banking Innovation

Transforming Digital Banking: RAKBANK's Journey to Website 2.0 Excellence

Join us on RAKBANK's journey to digital banking excellence with the launch of Website 2.0. Our transformative approach integrates cutting-edge...

01/05/2024 Banking Innovation is a digital marketplace transforming financial services in Pakistan by enabling easy access to products like loans, credit cards,...

29/04/2024 Banking Innovation

User Experience in wholesale/SME by Santander Spain

In Santander we are focused on being the main bank of SMEs in Spain. We are currently leaders with a...

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

Radar Live & Optimization

Pricing strategies, rules, adjustments, scores, and other metrics into a real-time rating system

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

Fully immersive - the VR-based insurance advice app. Customers and advisors meet in the Metaverse

The Metaverse and Mixed Reality will fundamentally change the way (insurance-) services and products are experienced in the future. However,...

24/04/2024 Insurance Innovation

TwinTrack Analytics

Digitizing and streamlining repetitive, labor-intensive processes in Agency and Underwriting (UW) operations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


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