Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2019

Video Assisted Santander Personal - Customised Remote Advisory Banking

10/09/2019 Banking Innovation


A digital remote relationship model with a very human touch

Innovation presentation

Concept and objectives : Provide whole new experience in remote relationship management to customers that are either digital or physical, with a portfolio of services, transactional and contractual capabilities. Santander Personal was launched several years ago, but this year we have some innovations to add to the model. VIdeo Assisted Model and Extension of Segment, now SMEs can also benefit from this model.

Reasons behind : ever increasing costs of distribution; ever decreasing visits to branch; ever evolution of digital channels; convergence of distribution models. Personal relationship still brings more effectiveness than un assisted media, ceteris paribus.

State of competition : BBVA, Bankia and other banks offer similar value proposition but our research indicates that either don't have the video assisted mode of relationship or don't have solutions for Businesses/SMEs. Also, Santander Personal is the only bank with centralised Relationship Managers. Another relevant key aspect of the model, San Personal is behind e banking and even Work Cafe providing more value added services.

Sources of inspiration : other industries like insurance, wealth management, health and even professional services.

Departments involved: Contact Centre; Santander Personal, Branches; Marketing, HR, IT &OPS

Main results so far: more than 500K enrolled as portfolio customer of Remote Managers. By end of 2021 we expect to reach about 2MM.

Uniqueness of the project

In the Spanish market video assisted advisory / guidance with a relationshipmanager is a differentiating feature.

Businesses were left alone in the equation when it came to Customer Relationship remote models. Now Santander includes them.

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