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30/09/2021 Banking Innovation


VK Genesis innovation was created both to improve existing processes and to create new processes/services.

Innovation presentation

Using the motto of growth with technology, Vakıf Katılım Bank launched the VK Genesis project in 2020. The aim of the project was end-to-end management of data. Before starting the project, existing policies, procedures and processes in the bank were examined. In this direction, the current situation analysis was made. With VK Genesis, it was aimed to comply with Banking Regulation and Supervison of Agency requirements, Electronic Banking Systems Regulation and International Standards, and to enable data controllers in the Bank to manage, monitor and report their data. With the project initiated in line with this goal, it was aimed to use the Agency's data and information assets throughout the organization in line with the agreed policies and procedures, to control and maintain them appropriately, and to add value to the organization's strategies and goals. It was aimed to expand the VKGenesis application by providing data awareness trainings to data owners within the company.

Uniqueness of the project

As a result of the Benchmarks we have made, it is the only domestic Data Governance platform in Turkey. Thanks to the written platform, a centrally effective data governance product has emerged. In our written application, the most up-to-date technologies are used and the information about the technologies is given below;

• ORM dapper

• UI-ReactJS

• Backend - Asp.NetCore

• Deployment-Docker

• Database – Ms SQL Server

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