05/10/2022 Banking Innovation


The metaverse is experiencing a large expansion within youngsters. They are beginning to migrate to this immersive digital environment and more and more brands want to secure a gap in it. In order to bring imagin into this new digital environment, the place to be if you want to stay relevant in the upcoming years, we launched imaginLAND and become the first fintech in Europe to ever be in the metaverse.

Innovation presentation

The future of the metaverse is bright for brands, with forecasts to reach billions in market value, users and investments.

With imaginLAND, imagin offers monthly immersive experiences in the metaverse to get even closer to the youngest audience through 3D concerts, for example, and also creates a real-life corner at imaginCafé (Barcelona) to live a real metaverse experience for those who have not done it yet.

Uniqueness of the project

With the launch of imaginLAND, imagin becomes the first fintech in Europe to ever be in the metaverse.

Also, the metaverse is the place to be if any brand wants to stay relevant in the upcoming years and imagin sees it as a market opportunity to invest in.

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