Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2023 - Winner

Blind Faith: Enhancing Mobile Payments for the Visually Impaired

14/09/2023 Banking Innovation


Imagine having to rely on others for paying for your groceries. For a visually impaired person this can be a daily struggle. From now on, before confirmation of the payment, our payment app announces the amount using voice over. Join the accessibility movement by voting for Blind Faith ツ

Innovation presentation

Paying should be safe and accessible for everyone, including people with a visual impairment. But it takes a certain amount of "blind faith" to pay with your mobile wallet in a store. How can you know it was the right amount? We saw room for improvement!

In collaboration with TU Delft we wanted to fix this issue for our visually impaired customers. The research found that customers with visual impairments were less inclined to use mobile payment wallets. This is because their payment experience was not as inclusive as it should be. One major issue was that the payment amount was displayed only on the hard-to-read payment terminal.

Our engineers found an easy to implement solution that works with payment terminals. From now on. We developed a solution that retrieves the payment amount from the terminal and displays it on the phone before the transaction occurs. This approach allows customers to see and authenticate the amount to be paid before proceeding. This way you are always in control of your finances.

Accessible payment has to become standard practice. We hope to inspire Big Tech to improve this accessibility feature. Independence in whatever you do, is a right for all.

Uniqueness of the project

• ING’s latest enhancement empowers customers with greater control, autonomy, and trust when using their mobile phones for payments in retail stores. It ensures that visually impaired customers aren’t sidelined as payment technology advances.

• “Blind Faith” addresses a significant shortcoming in the user journey of popular mobile wallets, like Google Pay. The UX design of these wallets doesn’t cater to the needs of visually impaired users, leaving them in the dark about the exact amount being deducted from their account until after the transaction is finalized. Our solution rectifies this, enabling customers to be fully in charge of their payment process from start to finish, eliminating the need to depend on others.

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