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WhatsApp Banking with omnichannel integration

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Emirates NBD

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Emirates NBD, a leading banking group in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) region,...

04/09/2023 Banking Innovation


Meet the all-new Emirates NBD WhatsApp Banking, seamlessly integrated with our IVR, mobile app, tablet, and online banking applications. Get assistance on all your top-needed banking requests and queries—anytime, anywhere—even if you’re not an Emirates NBD customer. In case your request is not digitally available, our human advisors will join the chat for a speedy resolution.

Innovation presentation

A 24/7 platform for customers and non-customers:

We have brought banking to our customers’ preferred texting app WhatsApp—ensuring quick 24/7 assistance with 15 banking services (and counting) that have historically been among the highest drivers of our call-center volumes. The channel serves not only retail customers but also non-customers, for whom we have designed special journeys.

Services that are not digitally available yet are addressed on the platform by our agents. While our customer happiness agents join service requests chats, our sales teams handle new product requests (both from customers and non-customers).

With the platform’s sign-and-share capability for PDFs and images, users can share and sign required documents on the platform itself, enabling completely digital interactions and yielding growing topline impact as well as cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

The platform is encrypted end-to-end, with security controls approved by the UAE Central Bank. We also ensure enhanced security by verifying customer device, mobile number, and other credentials prior to their interaction with the channel.

Omnichannel Integrations:

Our new WhatsApp Banking platform is seamlessly integrated with our IVR, which now prompts customers to switch to WhatsApp when they call us to request services already covered by the platform. In these scenarios, their intent (recorded through voice recognition on the IVR) is seamlessly migrated to their WhatsApp application through a first-of-its-kind integrated omnichannel journey in the region. This way, customers do not have to note down or memorize our WhatsApp number to migrate their request on the platform.

For instance, if a customer calls the IVR to block their card, they are asked if they would like to instantly process their request through WhatsApp. If they say yes, their request is migrated to WhatsApp, with the following message sent to them on the channel: “Hi , happy to serve you here. You had called to block your card,” with a “Block Card Now” button shown right below the message.

The platform is also integrated with our mobile app, tablet, and online banking, enabling all new Emirates NBD customers to avail WhatsApp Banking services from the get-go, irrespective of their onboarding channel.

Uniqueness of the project

Five reasons make our WhatsApp platform one of its kind in the region:

1) The omnichannel integration with IVR for call deflection

2) Omnichannel subscription options for the channel (mobile app, tablet, online banking)

3) Special journeys for non-customers

4) Sign-and-share capability, allowing customers to digitally sign and share PDFs and images

5) Pre-interaction verification through customer device, mobile number, and other credentials for enhanced security

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