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Vitality Travel by Discovery Bank

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15/05/2023 Banking Innovation


Vitality Travel is a comprehensive end-to-end travel offering which gives Discovery clients access to the richest travel experiences. Clients enjoy the widest range of flight, accommodation and car hire partners, extensive discounts unlocked by Vitality's behaviour change programmes, and unparalleled travel conveniences, all underpinned by secure and advanced banking and payments systems, available in app and online.

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In today's post-pandemic world, the desire for 'revenge travel' is on the rise, driven by individuals seeking to reconnect with loved ones, explore new destinations, and experience the positive impact of travel on mental well-being. However, supply instability in the aviation industry, rising fuel prices, and soaring demand have led to increased travel prices worldwide. Furthermore, the complexity of the booking process, time-consuming research, and dealing with multiple booking platforms and providers can make planning travel a hassle.

To address these issues, Discovery Bank introduced Vitality Travel - the first-of-its-kind integrated travel offering in South Africa. By engaging with the Vitality behaviour change programmes, clients can unlock unprecedented discounts on any domestic flight and a selection of international flight partners, accommodation, car hire, and exciting travel experiences.

Vitality Travel provides unparalleled upfront personalised discounts of up to 75% off local and international flights, in partnership with all local South African airlines, flying to over 40 local and regional destinations, as well as to destinations around the globe with international discount partners Emirates, British Airways, South African Airways and Qantas. Clients can also access over 200 non-discounted international airlines, all seamlessly integrated into the Vitality Travel booking platform.

Additionally, clients enjoy up to 25% off car hire and a wide range of accommodation options, from hotels and apartments to unique game lodges in South Africa, as well as thousands of international accommodation options available through booking.com – all within the Vitality Travel platform.

Clients and their travel companions can enjoy exclusive pre-flight experiences and conveniences, including dedicated fast-tracked clearance through departure security and luxurious airport lounges at major South African airports, and 24/7 access to travel itineraries, real-time forex conversions, certified bank stamped account confirmation letters and statements for visa purposes, and automatic travel insurance issued on all international flight bookings, all through the Discovery Bank app.

The Discovery Bank app and online banking platform provide seamless integration of advanced features and cutting-edge security, underpinned by secure card payment systems, voucher generating features, and a powerful rewards currency, Discovery Miles, which can be used to pay for all bookings on the platform. This combination allows us to offer our clients, and their guests, a comprehensive and secure banking and rewards experience, tailored to their unique needs and preferences, ensuring they can access the benefits of our services with ease and confidence.

Uniqueness of the project

Travel incentives have proven to be an incredible incentive to encourage clients to manage their money better – resulting in lower default rates. Unlike traditional loyalty programs which tend to be based on product consumption, Vitality rewards clients for their active and responsible lifestyle choices. Drawing from scientific research and behavioural economics, the Vitality behavioural change program empowers clients to control their personalised travel savings through their ongoing physical and financial behaviours, and in doing so makes travel more accessible and affordable.

Our sophisticated payment and partner integration systems provide seamless booking and payment experiences. Clients can use their linked Discovery Bank cards or Discovery Miles – earned through healthy, responsible living – to pay for travel. Real-time booking and payment of flights, car hire, and accommodation, alongside features like lounge access vouchers and certified banking documents, showcase the power and convenience of Discovery Bank's systems. Embrace the future of travel with Vitality Travel, a one-of-a-kind innovation that redefines the travel experience.

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