13/03/2017 Insurance Innovation


“Here and Now” application - The idea behind this solution is " sell where no one has sold before".

Innovation presentation

Benefia Insurance is the initiator of the creation and owner of the innovative platform insurance HERE AND NOW. Thanks to it it was possible to meeting the needs of customers and provide a set of innovative insurance services that make the process read the offer and purchase the policy has never been so easy.

Just using smartphone is enough to read QR code from car registration certificate to get a choice of products liability insurance or the insurance package. In a variant of this is the maximum OC + AC + accident + Assistance. Downloading vehicle data and driver history is done automatically on-line, with no need to fill any additional information . The customer chooses suitable option that suits him, can download the general conditions in PDF format and then passes now to finalize the sale. The only information that must be provided is a telephone number and an e-mail. Payment is also electronic. One can sign up with one’s finger on a touch screen. Customer receives complete, prepaid insurance policy document via e-mail and can also save it on mobile phone. The whole operation takes less than 5 seconds!

Uniqueness of the project

'- We are there where the customer is present (every place where customer use to do his/ her everyday presence)

- We are there where no one has sold yet (ATM’S points, Banks, Post Office, mobile network operator PLUS – In Google Play Store, at all mobile devices)

- We are minimizing the cost of sales (and all errors of the human factor is eliminated)

- Everyone is able to sell or purchase

- Process from quotation to final motor policy could be close in just 2 minutes (ending with customer signature)

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