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Real time coaching: interactive driving experience to prevent accidents

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13/03/2017 Insurance Innovation


Train your driving style to improve it with the "Real Time Coaching" service and save on your car insurance.

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Customer needs are very clear: avoiding harmful events is the first priority and containing the undesired effects is the second one.

The answer of Generali Italia to these needs arrives in May 2016 with "Sei in Auto con Stile", the innovative car insurance product characterized by a device installed in the car that interacts with the driver with the "Real Time Coaching" service.

This sophisticated device placed on the windshield uses satellite system, accelerometers, sim card, bluetooth device to detect driver's style and give to the driver a real-time feedback through a light signal on potentially risky driving behaviours.

With this unique feature of Generali Italia, the driver has a "personal trainer" to train its correct driving style and increase the perception of unsafe driving situations. In fact, a driving behaviour distracted or nervous, , is the major cause of road accidents.

The challenge is ambitious: changing the behaviour of nervous and distracted drivers, thanks to the "Real Time Coaching" service, to make road traffic less dangerous for everyone.

In addition, demonstrate a way of virtuous guide entitle the customer to a discount at the annual renewal, in order to make tangible the positive effect of the "Real Time Coaching".

In addition, " Sei in Auto con Stile" offers a rich package of roadside assistance and protection against thefts thanks to the direct connection with the operations center that is activated in case of emergency and Geolocate the vehicle.

Uniqueness of the project

The satellite device of "Sei in Auto con Stile" is installed directly on the car's windshield and through a multicolor led, it interacts with the driver informing them in real time on your driving style: led switch on during heavy acceleration or sudden braking. The verification of the driving style reached may be made at any time in two ways:

1. at the start up of the car the LED takes on the color of the style reached (green customers "evolved", the yellow "balanced" and red "foolhardy")

2. with the App "MyGenerali" on its own Customer Area, through graphs and counters.

The opportunity to "interact with the policy" allows the customer to put in place all the necessary behaviors to pursue a safe driving style with a positive impact on many aspects: less probably to have accidents, careful management of the car, and also saving on your insurance premium.

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