Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2019

TrustLayer distributed ledger platform

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27/04/2019 Insurance Innovation


Distributed Ledger Solution to verify insurance coverage in real time

Innovation presentation

TrustLayer is a SaaS solution that automates processes surrounding the verification of insurance. To do this, TrustLayer uses natural language processing to extract insurance information from contracts, certificates of insurance (COIs), and insurance policies. We are also building out a distributed ledger platform with R3 (Corda) to allow insurance companies (brokers, carriers, regulators) to share insurance information in a more efficient manner. We also plan to integrate with The Institute's distributed ledger technology when it is completed.

TrustLayer will expand our beta in August 2019. We were also selected by RIMS 2019 - the largest insurance conference globally - as one of their 5 InsurTech finalists.

Uniqueness of the project

We are the only DLT solution that combines natural language processing to automate the entire workflow for proof of commercial insurance.

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