12/04/2023 Insurance Innovation


BeRebel is a unique and distinctive offering in the Italian auto insurance market that allows customers to pay only for km driven through a self-installing telematics device. It is the only free and totally flexible offer, renewed from month to month like a Netflix or Gym-subscription, but can be terminated at any time. It is completely paperless and managed by a single app, with one&only statement at the end of the month for all family vehicles and with discounts for proper vehicle use and driving style.

Innovation presentation

BeRebel is an innovative product in the European market that combines:

- convenience and comfort for the customer

- the advanced use of telematics and information technology to ensure an unparalleled user experience

- all-round technical-insurance excellence both in the product design (all warranties are priced per km, even Theft and Legal Expenses!) and in ensuring profit to the insurer.

BeRebel was designed from scratch to challenge the traditional insurance regulatory framework: it uses a subscription model typical of modern digital services, with a one-month term contract, but which can be discontinued for any reason at any time, allowing Customers maximum freedom and flexibility.

The two-thirds of Customers who drive less than the weighted average of insured persons (about 12,000 km/year in Italy), with all other policies pay also for the third that drives above the average. With Berebel, on the contrary, they have a significant economic advantage: they pay an initial fixed monthly minimum fee of a few euros, that includes the first 200 km driven in the month: then they pay an adjustment at the end of the month of a few cents multiplied by the number of km driven beyond the first 200.


BeRebel is based on a sophisticated and scalable proprietary IT platform, developed in-house by the Unipol Group, which takes charge of all value-added activities for Customers: from quote to underwriting, renewal, workflows for Customer dialogue and moreover telematics evidence in claims reconstruction, in which Unipol is a world leader with more than 4 million black boxes installed and 15 years of experience.

User Experience:

The user experience is exclusively digital and underpinne by the BeRebel app. It only takes two clicks to get a price and less than 10 clicks to complete the purchase in less than 60 seconds. The app took 6 months just to design a truly intuitive and innovative user interface and several man-years of programming and testing. From the BeRebel app, Customers can manage every aspect of quotes, policies, and payments for all of the family vehicles, as well as continuously monitor the km driven and the forecast of the premium adjustment at the end of the month.

Uniqueness of the project

BeRebel's unique proposition leverages telematics to charge Customers only for actual miles driven, is a powerful resource for growing in the marketplace.

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