02/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


The first cloud-native digital core and distribution system for all businesses across the entire insurance value chain.

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Be it life, health, or P&C, ZA Tech's Graphene is the first truly cloud-native digital core and distribution systems for any insurance business model. Whether fully digital, digitally enabled, or just starting a digital transformation journey, Graphene's cloud-native, agnostic, and multi-tenant design enables it to mold into a valuable business and customer solution, tailored for cloud environments regardless of the provider, allowing multi-tenant and multi-country set-ups with physically segregated data.

ZA Tech’s full-stack, digital-first operating core system, Graphene has already been successfully implemented at leading insurers and digital platforms on a global scale. It is designed with a rapidly evolving digital future in mind to follow the most modern architecture and technology standards.


- Our primary objective is to empower and accelerate product and business innovation at scale. The adoption of Graphene enhances operational efficiency by optimizing resource allocation and fosters a dynamic learning culture internally to stay abreast of industry trends and advancements simultaneously. Graphene has revolutionised digital capabilities across a spectrum of business models, resulting in a comprehensive all-in-one benefit system.

- Drive business growth through tailored and innovative insurance propositions and full omnichannel journeys

- Reduce operational complexity, simplify user experience and cut IT costs by 50% through integrated infrastructure, interoperability, and configurability

Future expansion opportunities:

- Continue to further enhance baseline Graphene features and capability through quarterly free upgrades

- Continuous upgrades with a strong product roadmap: ZA Tech has budgeted a considerable amount of budget for R&D activities over the next three years. Our growing R&D team, currently consisting of close to 300 staff

- ZA Tech has expanded operations into the European market with an EU head office in Dublin. It is actively pursuing expansion into other regions as well, leveraging Graphene’s capabilities to offer core modernization and insurance product solutions.

Uniqueness of the project

• True all-in-one solution: Graphene is an all-in-one core that consolidates life, health, and general insurance – across traditional and innovative digital products – into one single core system. In contrast, traditional core system providers separate solutions by business lines (or do not even offer support for all business lines), requiring the handling of Life, Health and P&C in different systems. As a full-stack core system, Graphene provides end-to-end capabilities across the insurance value chain – from the insurer backend to the customer frontend.

• State-of-the-art technology: Graphene is the first true cloud-native, modular, digital-first and fully microservices-based core system, ensuring horizontal and vertical scalability, as well as faster innovation, deployment and troubleshooting turnaround times. Graphene’s RESTful Open API platform ensures fast and seamless connectivity with other internal and external systems (e.g., third-party data providers), as well as partner channels, allowing insurers to design new innovative propositions and customer journeys.

• Multi-tenant, multi-country capabilities: Graphene supports single-instance, multi-tenant deployments, allowing insurers to use one instance of Graphene across multiple countries and business models. This significantly reduces infrastructure costs and complexity, while maintaining full flexibility via tenant-level configurations (e.g., different workflows for different countries). It allows the re-use/transfer of products and workflows across countries, enabling scalable operating models. Traditional core system providers have lower SaaS maturity – with the original solution often built for on-premises deployment.

• Focus on fast go-to-market and business user enablement: Graphene is a no-/low-code solution, building on extensive configurability across all modules and providing diverse out-of-the-box product templates, empowering business users (while freeing up IT capacity) and ensuring unmatched speed-to-market for new product launches. Graphene’s configurability is not only limited to the backend – rather it offers a fully integrated configurable frontend/UI for end customers and distribution partners (e.g., agents or bank relationship managers).

Traditional core systems typically lack visualized configuration functions, especially for the customer-facing frontend/UI. Lower configurability will cause more effort in customization.

• Automation and innovation capabilities: Graphene was originally built for fully digital insurance and innovative business models, offering end-to-end automation capabilities from sales to policy admin to claims. Furthermore, Graphene supports innovative and flexible policy structures (e.g., stackable micro event policies and usage-based propositions). Graphene is now bringing these automation and innovation capabilities to traditional products, allowing both automated and manual workflows, or any combination thereof, enabling cost reduction, improving customer and employee experience, and building new innovative and scalable business models.

• Quarterly free upgrades, ensuring that Graphene stays evergreen and future-proof. With Graphene, insurers stay at the forefront of innovation – reducing the costs for extensive custom implementations and new migrations over the life of the ownership of typical core systems.

Traditional core systems usually have a significantly lower rate of a common codebase (often different BUs running on different versions and code branches even if the same system is used).

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