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03/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


The GPT Lab project has been set up to analyse the possibilities for secure use of generative artificial intelligence in PZU Group and to perform PoC projects using this technology.

Innovation presentation

In 2023, we established GPT Lab, which was created to securely test Generative Artificial Intelligence solutions in the PZU Group. GPT Lab operates as a matrix and multidisciplinary team – it consists of people with necessary competencies, interested in Generative AI solutions from throughout the whole organization. The work is coordinated by Innovation Lab, experienced in testing innovative technologies and working with startups. GPT Lab's activities are intended to serve both PZU Group employees and its clients. An indispensable element of the project is preparing a technological and regulatory environment that enables experiments with generative artificial intelligence solutions in a responsible manner. The comprehensive process is created together with IT security specialists, regulatory security specialists, and data governance while dedicated architects and cloud infrastructure experts provide necessary technological resources and competences.

Over the past six months, we have analysed more than 150 different ideas for the use of those innovative solutions and verified all of them. Subsequently around 40 of them were analysed in detail and over 10 were selected for the actual PoCs.

Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in our business, so one of the initiatives we have undertaken is an experiment in the area of claims and complaints. The information we obtained gives us a broader insight into the functioning of our business and will allow us to take action to reduce negative experiences of our customers when dealing with the brand.

In addition to this, inspired by the possibilities arising from the development of generative artificial intelligence, we decided to create our version of a secure chat-based generative artificial intelligence solution - AI Assistant. The virtual assistant is being tested among selected employees in their daily work, allowing them, among other things, to summarize content, analyse data, and answer their questions. All of this is based on a secure cloud environment that is managed by PZU.

The solution being tested gathered positive feedback from testers/users. “Nice graphics, seems to be more user friendly than public ChatGPT”; “I already see how my daily work improves!, it’s super cool that it understand nicely colloquial Polish, even with misspeling”.

We believe that GPT Lab is a long-term project that will significantly impact the organisation's internal and external processes in the coming years and will support the drive to deliver digital transformation across PZU Group.

Uniqueness of the project

At PZU Group, we've already successfully implemented more than 20 AI solutions that have brought us positive effects. Seeing the possibilities of generative artificial intelligence, we decided to delve into this area.

To the best of our knowledge, PZU is the first insurance company in Poland to have a dedicated project and team for the development of generative artificial intelligence for broad technological development within the organization.

The uniqueness of this approach is manifested not only in the approach to implementing generative artificial intelligence, but also in the commitment to creating innovative solutions that can significantly impact the quality of customer service, optimize business processes and increase operational efficiency.

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