03/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


The Cyber AI Platform Project offers a solution developed to strengthen organizations' security infrastructure and effectively manage cyber risks.

Innovation presentation

The Cyber AI Platform provides integrated management of security endpoint applications, monitored through separate dashboards, within a single platform. This results in a product that benefits the cybersecurity sector in terms of both time and cost efficiency. Our project provides security teams with centralized control, enhancing cyber risk management by enabling more effective monitoring and analysis of threats. Our Cyber AI Platform product also automatically detects outdated software versions and missing agents, minimizing security vulnerabilities.

As a result, the developed product has been successfully used to optimize internal security processes and create a more resilient infrastructure against cyber risks. By aiming to elevate security standards in the industry, our project has made significant contributions to protecting customer/employee information, ensuring business continuity, and enhancing reputation.

Uniqueness of the project

Our project leverages Elasticsearch infrastructure and parametric framework to integrate various endpoint applications through diverse methods, emphasizing its innovative and pioneering qualities. The advantages offered by these elements can be summarized as follows:

-Flexible and Scalable Data Storage: Utilizing Elasticsearch's rapid indexing and querying capabilities, our project provides a flexible and scalable data storage solution. This enables organizations to quickly adapt to changing needs as they grow and generate more data.

-Parametric Framework and Flexible Integration: The parametric framework used in our project enables flexible integration of different endpoint applications. This facilitates the addition of new security applications and quickly responds to changing security needs.

-Centralized Control on a Single Platform: Elasticsearch's powerful querying features enhance the ability to consolidate data from different endpoint applications onto a single platform and provide centralized control. This offers security teams a comprehensive view to better evaluate security posture and make rapid decisions.

-Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization: Elasticsearch's analytical capabilities enhance our project's ability to conduct in-depth analysis of security events. This capability provides a significant advantage in understanding cybersecurity threats and preemptively identifying potential future attacks. Additionally, flexible data visualization tools enable clear reporting of security status.

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