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User Experience in wholesale/SME by Santander Spain

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29/04/2024 Banking Innovation


In Santander we are focused on being the main bank of SMEs in Spain. We are currently leaders with a 25% market share, supporting the growth of more than 416.000 SMEs and building long-lasting relationships.

Innovation presentation

2023 developements to became best-in-class in wholesale/SME:

Santander Spain is a leader in SME market, and in the digital arena we are building up month after month our digital capabilities based on our foundations:

1. Hyper personalization: developed capabilities to show only what customers needs/wants with real time personalized offers, bothe for the business and the person who represent the business (legal power, that is fully automated and imbibed in all channels).

2. Keep it simple: with a complex retargeting system that allows the bank to rescue every onboarding or contracting process that is initiated in any channles, that can be retaken by our digital specialist teams.

3. Valued added on data: our customers can personalize shortcuts. Based on data-driven approach, we offer segmented capabilities. Real Time Offers that drives with new creoss selling tools contextualized on different user journeys.

4. Human digital support: with a Contact Center and specialist teams to remotely support customers. Our digital approach is fully imbricated with our physical network; we aim to solve from the channels what we cannot solve in the channels.

(all innovation & developments are presented on the next section: uniqueness of the project)

Uniqueness of the project

Santander Spain is leader in SME in the national market, and in the digital arena we are building up month after month our digital capacities with our foundations: hyper personalization (all sites involving wholesale & SME have Real Time Offers personalized not only for the business, but also for the person who represent the business (legal power, that is fully automated and imbibed in all channels)), we have over 130 fully personalized communications for our wholesale/SME customers, growing x5 along past months in real time generated commercial impacts. One of our foundations: Keep it simple (with a complex retargeting system that allows the bank to rescue every onboarding o contracting process that is initiated in all channels, and to retake the process and proactive managed by our digital specialist teams), value added on data (our wholesale/SME subsites have personalized shortcuts for user), and human digital support (we aim to solve from the channels what we cannot solve in the channels, leaded by a proactive CC and our specialist teams).

Along past months all brand new subsites were released for our SME: multiproduct business sub site with real time information, omnichannel signature on digital channels (initiated in branches), factoring new sub home (90% digital prevalence in remittances), financing business sub site (end to end digital circulating management), all brand new POS digital management (100% digital enrolment and digital ticket), all brand new Santander Boutique (CLO business side for segmenting audiences and new payments methods (renting or financing)), all brand new account management sub home (end to end digital management), all brand new confirming sub site (end to end digital management, real time credit balances, timeline of upcoming payments, open-product use of confirming (2,2B in resources can be used in comex, credit, commercial portfolio, etc.), digital data enrichment of remittances (digital end to end self-service, this service is agnostic with our customer’s ERP, the user upload any payments file and automatically is processed in the digital channel), and finally all brand new comex sub home (real time end to end wholesale management of all Santander Banks in the world, real time notifications on imports & currency trading (50k personalized warnings per month), already digital XML Swift 2025 compliance, with 1,8M international transfers only in digital, end to end management of international transfers (GPI Tracker)).

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