20/05/2024 Banking Innovation


At KCB Bank, we're dedicated to gender equality and economic empowerment. Our FLME proposition pledges Sh250 billion over five years to support women-owned enterprises. We've disbursed KShs114.6 billion to 683,887 businesses and trained 3,000 women.

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Concept and Objectives: Our project, the Female-Led Made Enterprises (FLME) proposition, aims to address gender disparities in entrepreneurship by providing comprehensive support to women-owned businesses. The primary objectives include breaking down financial barriers, empowering women through education and skill development, and fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Reasons Behind: We recognize the pivotal role of women in driving economic growth and understand the challenges they face in accessing financial resources and business support. The FLME proposition is our response to these challenges, demonstrating our commitment to gender equality and economic empowerment.

State of Competition: While there are initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs, the FLME proposition sets itself apart by its substantial financial commitment, streamlined credit requirements, and comprehensive training programs. We strive to lead the way in empowering women-led enterprises and setting a benchmark for impactful corporate responsibility.

Sources of Inspiration: Our inspiration stems from the untapped potential of women entrepreneurs and the transformative impact they can have on economies and communities. We are also inspired by the global movement towards gender equality and the growing recognition of the economic benefits of empowering women in business.

Departments Involved: The FLME proposition involves multiple departments within KCB Bank, including but not limited to: Corporate Social Responsibility, Retail Banking, Credit, Marketing, and Training and Development.

Main Results So Far: Since its inception, the FLME proposition has achieved significant milestones. We have disbursed KShs114.6 billion to 683,887 women-led businesses, providing them with vital financial support. Additionally, over 3,000 women entrepreneurs have participated in our tailored training programs, enhancing their business management capabilities. These results signify our progress towards fostering sustainable and inclusive growth through empowering women in entrepreneurship.

Uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of KCB Bank's FLME proposition lies in its holistic approach to supporting women-owned enterprises. Unlike traditional financial initiatives, the FLME proposition combines substantial financial backing with tailored training programs, addressing both the funding and skill development needs of women entrepreneurs.

In terms of innovation, the FLME proposition represents a combination of incremental and disruptive innovation. While the financial support aspect may be seen as incremental, the integration of comprehensive training programs represents a disruptive innovation within the market. By offering both financial resources and skill development opportunities, KCB Bank is redefining the standard for supporting women entrepreneurs and driving sustainable growth.

The FLME proposition strengthens KCB Bank's position as a socially responsible and forward-thinking financial institution, setting it apart from competitors in the market.

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