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Tokenised Treasury Direct System for Governments

06/06/2024 Banking Innovation


Libeara - Tokenised “Treasury Direct” System for Governments

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Today's securities infrastructure is both complex and exclusive, posing challenges for issuers and investors with unnecessary intermediaries and leaving retail investors and end-users on the sidelines.

So here is the why of Libeara - Tokenised “Treasury Direct” System for Governments.

Libeara aims to eliminate the prevailing network of complex intermediaries and reduce the minimum denomination of government issued bonds to single digits. The issuance process is modelled after the existing government bond process to support existing stakeholders, workflows, laws and regulations, while offering significant time, cost and operational efficiencies compared to the existing process.

Libeara has built and tested an end-to-end platform for the issuance, administration, ownership and exchange of Government Securities in digital form. This system not only provides a primary distribution channel for government securities, but also establishes a secondary exchange platform. Users can efficiently manage tokens through secure digital wallets, redeem, and transfer them using blockchain technology, ensuring immutable records of asset ownership.

So far, Libeara has charted its success by launching the 1st tokenised SGD Government Bond Fund in Singapore, being shortlisted for Bank of Ghana CBDC Hackathon in Ghana, successfully prototyping a retail platform for Tokenised Green Bonds in Hong Kong, and collaborating with Union Bank of the Philippines on Philippines’s 1st tokenised Retail Government Bond.

Uniqueness of the project

Libeara expounds upon the values and advantages inherent in Government Bonds to a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including investors, Bond Issuers, and Regulators.

Libeara offers distinct advantages tailored to various stakeholders. For sovereign issuers, it streamlines primary market processes with automation, enhancing efficiency. It also provides comprehensive asset services throughout bond life cycles and facilitates smoother secondary trading for investors while offering real-time insights into investor behavior. Regulators benefit from Libeara's transparent transaction traceability, ensuring compliance with regulations and real-time visibility into government bond holders. For investors, Libeara ensures a seamless transition between web and app platforms for investment management, grants hassle-free onshore banking connectivity, and offers the flexibility of investing in single-digit denominations.

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