Data analytics 2022: CaixaBank

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26/01/2023 Interview
profile picture of Oriol Rebull Camarasa Oriol Rebull Camarasa CaixaBank Chief Data Officer

Oriol Rebull Camarasa, Chief Data Officer at CaixaBank, talks about his company and its data analytics strategy.

What is your role and the scope of your responsibilities within the company?

CaixaBank’s Chief Data Officer (CDO) has three main functions:

Firstly, the CDO must guarantee the availability of data, ensuring that it is of the required quality and can be accessed by the entire organization for decision-making purposes at all levels. To that end, the CDO makes sure that the company has the technology, tools, methodology and governance to manage the data.

Secondly, the CDO provides the technology, tools and methodology required to access and utilize this information – with the aim of supporting the business' development through advanced analytical capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI). All this is carried out following strict principles of security, privacy, ethics and other corporate regulations.

Thirdly, the CDO must promote a data-driven culture across the organization, positioning CaixaBank as a ‘best-in-class’ company in the advanced use of these technologies.

Altogether, the aim of the CDO is to make sure that the entire organization, by leveraging advanced analytical capabilities, has maximum independence when pursuing its initiatives, with the CDO stepping in only in the situations where advanced support is required.

At CaixaBank, the CDO is supported by the Head of Advanced Analytics, whose aim is to define the Advanced Analytics' implementation strategy across the entire organization, promote the use of these capabilities in all teams and provide data scientist capabilities in areas where they are not currently used.

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