The 5 hot topics Reinvent Forum is following this year

Digital Reinvention
15/05/2023 Article
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From June 14 to 16, Qorus will hold its Reinvent Forum in Milan, Italy. This is an opportunity to take an in-depth look at how banks and insurance companies are reinventing financial services and the world of tomorrow. Various personalities from the financial services industry will speak on stage at the forum, and open discussions will be held at meet-up sessions organized by the Qorus communities. Here are the five main themes that will be highlighted during this event. 

14 Jun 2023
16 Jun 2023
14/06/2023 Conference

Reinvent Forum Milan

Inventing a digital-first customer experience
Never before has the customer experience evolved at such a speed. With the advent of disruptive technologies and the growing number of mobile-first or even mobile-only customers, banks and insurance companies have to rethink their customer journey: social media influencers, metaverse, ChatGPT, personalization. Customer experience will be the central theme of this new Reinvent Forum.

Becoming a data-driven company
The internet of things and wearables are now an integral part of our lives. With the growing number of sensors – in homes and vehicles, but also on humans and animals – insurers and bankers now have a phenomenal amount of data at their disposal. The question is how to use it ethically and efficiently.

Reinventing mobility
The way we think about mobility must change. It is an environmental necessity. Replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with electric or low-emission vehicles is the first step, but it will not be enough. We will have to rethink the way we move and completely rethink our mobility journey. Insurance companies have their role to play in these changes and so do banks.

Serving the gig economy
More and more workers are opting for independence and flexibility rather than employment. Platforms are taking advantage of this and are expanding. But isolated and fragile gig workers are in great need of financial solutions adapted to their needs. Once again, banks and insurance companies have a role to play in what will be in the near future a mass market.

Partnering with fintechs, insurtechs and other tech firms
Until a few years ago, banks and insurance companies developed their products and services internally. With the advent of open finance, the integration of solutions developed by fintechs and insurtechs has become widespread. But how do you choose the right partners and build a fruitful relationship with them?

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