BUNKR launches innovative all-in-one app to safeguard personal information

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07/10/2023 News

BUNKR Life has just unveiled its all-in-one app, BUNKR, designed to streamline users' daily lives while providing robust security for their sensitive information. The BUNKR app boasts unique members-only messaging, password management, secure file storage, and note-taking capabilities, all at an affordable annual subscription fee of just $0.99. It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, making it accessible to users worldwide.

The BUNKR app, available on the AppStore for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, also offers a desktop version for MacOS and Windows, ensuring users can access their information seamlessly across various platforms.

The app's Co-Founder and Chair, Kurt Long, highlights its unique value: "BUNKR is the first of its kind app designed specifically to help everyone seamlessly organize, secure, and share the most important information in their lives—so they can go about their daily lives with a sense of trust, while increasing productivity and reducing anxiety."

BUNKR ensures full data privacy, does not sell user data to third parties, and encrypts all personal information. It features password management, a secure digital vault for storing files and documents, and the ability to scan and securely share physical documents. Users can also integrate BUNKR with their favorite apps for a seamless experience.

One of the app's standout features is members-only messaging, which protects users from spam and impostor-based scams, allowing communication only between trusted parties. BUNKR also offers biometric authentication for added security.

BUNKR's rigorous security measures have been tested and approved by third-party security professionals. The app has even formed a Global Advisory Council, including information security expert Gene Fredriksen and tennis agent Olivier van Lindonk, to ensure it meets the needs of users across various sectors.

Olivier van Lindonk, Senior Vice President of IMG Tennis, attests to the app's effectiveness: "BUNKR's secure messaging streamlines communication, eliminating spam, in addition to providing easy access to our most important documentation. This is especially useful for my clients who live and travel to countries around the world—allowing their communication with me, each other, and their families to be truly private and productive."

With BUNKR, individuals and families can now enjoy a secure digital safe haven to manage their information and communications, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

BUNKR is the first of its kind app designed specifically to help everyone seamlessly organize, secure, and share the most important information in their lives—so they can go about their daily lives with a sense of trust, while increasing productivity and reducing anxiety

Kurt Long, BUNKR's Co-Founder and Chair

Key BUNKR features include:

• Full Data Privacy: BUNKR believes privacy is a human right and does not sell data to any third party in any form.

• Password Management: BUNKR organizes and protects passwords for all of a user's accounts. Poor password management habits are a leading vulnerability used by cybercriminals. BUNKR addresses this vulnerability.

• BUNKR Vault: The app's secure digital vault allows users to store, organize, and instantly access their files, attachments, media, messages, photos, notes, and passwords.

• Scan Physical Documents & Securely Share Them: Users can seamlessly scan and import PDFs of important documents into BUNKR's secure vault, decluttering their paper documents in various locations. After documents have been scanned into the BUNKR vault, users can share them securely with those they trust.

• Seamless Integration with Other Apps: BUNKR users can import from, or share to, their favorite and most indispensable apps, such as Gmail, WhatsApp, iMessage, iCloud, Google Drive, Signal, Apple Share, and Android Share.

• Phone Security & Authentication: All information in BUNKR remains encrypted on mobile phone devices, even if the phones are lost or stolen. Access to BUNKR on a user's phone requires bio-metric authentication, even when the phone is already open.

• Automatic Synchronization: BUNKR is cloud-based and information is automatically synchronized across all of a user's registered devices, and can be easily restored if one of them is lost or stolen.

• Protection from Impostor Invites: BUNKR protects users from receiving messages from unknown parties.

• Rapid Search: Users can quickly search for messages, attachments, files, notes, and passwords.

• No WiFi, No Problem: Users can access their information while traveling domestically or internationally 24/7, even when no Internet connectivity or cellular service is available.

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