TruStage unveils digital lending insurance product

08/10/2023 News

TruStage, a seasoned financial services provider, has introduced Payment Guard Insurance, a digital lending insurance product designed to promote financial resilience for lenders and borrowers. Recognized as a Finovate Awards Finalist, Payment Guard Insurance acts as a safety net, protecting borrowers from potential loan defaults due to covered job loss or disability.

Key Points:

• Unique in Digital Lending: Payment Guard is accessible to digital lenders across various sectors, offering borrowers instant protection upon loan funding. It's budget-friendly and seamlessly integrated, requiring no extensive coding.

• Borrower Confidence: Payment Guard provides a layer of protection for borrowers facing covered job loss or disability. The aim is to help lenders attract borrowers, strengthen their portfolio's performance, and reduce time spent on collections.

• Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Happy Money and Zirtue are among the first platforms to integrate Payment Guard, offering their borrowers added confidence and security.

• No Impact on Loan Terms: Payment Guard coverage doesn't affect loan terms and is backed by the TruStage digital claims team for a straightforward claims process.

TruStage's Payment Guard Insurance is an important advancement in digital lending, addressing the evolving needs of lenders and borrowers, providing financial security and peace of mind.

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