American Express introduces biometric checkout security

Digital Reinvention
15/10/2023 News

American Express has announced its pioneering move to become the first card issuer to pilot facial and fingerprint recognition for online checkouts through its SafeKey service. This initiative aims to enhance security during online transactions, making the process more convenient for users. By enabling facial and fingerprint recognition on compatible devices, select U.S. Card Members will enjoy the benefits of this technology.

SafeKey combines biometrics with 3-D Secure technology to offer a secure, efficient online shopping experience. J.J. Kieley, Vice President of Digital Identity & Commerce Experiences at American Express, underlined the company's commitment to staying ahead of fraudulent activities. Kieley stated, "Checking out securely is now as easy as unlocking your phone. SafeKey's biometric facial and fingerprint recognition streamlines security during checkout."

SafeKey works in the background, verifying the cardholder's identity during online checkouts. Eligible Card Members can use facial or fingerprint recognition for added security. The development of these biometric features is rooted in technologies from the FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium, offering a simpler yet highly secure authentication process supported across major web browsers, iOS, and Android platforms.

This pilot program is set to benefit select U.S. Card Members who meet security validation criteria. The biometric features will eventually roll out to all U.S. Consumer Card Members in early 2024, marking a significant stride toward a more secure and convenient online shopping experience.

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