CBA and Vodafone collaborate to thwart SMS scams in real-time

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21/12/2023 News

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and Vodafone have initiated a strategic partnership to combat the rising menace of SMS scams. The collaborative pilot involves near real-time sharing of intelligence to swiftly detect, disrupt, and block fraudulent payments, offering enhanced protection to customers.

James Roberts, General Manager of Group Fraud at CBA, highlighted the heightened risks during the festive season, citing fraudulent text and email messages as the leading scam trend impacting customers. The phishing attacks involve tricking individuals into sharing sensitive information, prompting the need for a proactive defense mechanism.

The joint effort responds to alarming statistics from Australia's National Anti-Scam Centre, revealing text messages as the primary delivery method for fraudsters, resulting in over $24.5 million in losses this year alone.

Simone Sant, General Counsel and General Manager Corporate Security at Vodafone, emphasized the commitment to customer safety. The collaboration builds on Vodafone's existing cross-industry fraud forum, fostering information exchange among key stakeholders to collectively combat scams.

Mr. Roberts urged customers to remain vigilant, emphasizing the collaborative approach's significance. Vodafone's proactive measures, including blocking over 67.8 million SMS scams this year, align with CBA's $750 million investment in cybersecurity to minimize financial harm from evolving SMS scams.

As the holiday season approaches, the joint effort between CBA and Vodafone seeks to create a united front against scammers, highlighting the urgency of a collaborative and cross-industry approach to safeguard consumers from financial harm.

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