• 26 Apr 2022

Tuesday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Recovery plans and the role of beyond banking services in it

SME Banking

Our April’s online meeting of SME Banking Community should cover one of the key topic in post-pandemic world, recovery plans for your SMEs and the role of beyond banking/ value-added services in those plans. 

Last two years were all about SMEs in all industries and people‘s lives. Many of the small businesses with no online presence were severely hit by the covid pandemic and even if succeed to survive, they were or are still facing the extintion. In financial services industry there’s been a lot of time dedicated to this segment in a form of an immediate support to SMEs amid crisis – mainly financial, but in many case a not-financial support starts to play an essential role. Helping SMEs to go online, marketing campaign to support local businesses, match-making online platforms to find new clients among other SMEs or Corporates and recovery plans were some of the focus areas by many banks.

Join us for a brief insights on the best practices from banking, insurance, fintech but as well out of the industry on how recovery plans and the role of beyond banking offerings can help get business back on a growing path.



profile picture of Susan Davies

Susan Davies

Santander UK

Head of Business Banking

profile picture of James Sankey

James Sankey


Partner, Banking & Capital Markets

profile picture of Jaypee Soliman

Jaypee Soliman

Union Bank of the Philippines

SVP and Business Banking Head

profile picture of Ken Burke

Ken Burke


SME Banking Community Chairman & Senior Advisor


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