• 24 Nov 2022

Thursday 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Accelerating Data Analytics – How Financial Services Can Learn From Other Sectors


Teradata and Qorus have interviewed leading data analytics practitioners in the financial services sector to distil their formulas for success in using data analytics to drive growth, transformation and profitability. 

From RegTech to personalization, and from risk mitigation to new product development the way leaders use data analytics sets them apart from their competitors. 

Join us to learn what they do differently, and how these strategies create differentiation within the sector and head off new competition from outside. 

Plus, Teradata will share best practices from outside the industry to illustrate what more financial services firms could be doing to maximise the value of the data they have.



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profile picture of Roberto Ferrari

Roberto Ferrari


Digital Reinvention Community Lead

profile picture of Graham Corr

Graham Corr


Industry consultant

profile picture of Monica McDonnell

Monica McDonnell


Industry Consultant

profile picture of Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross

Managing Director, Cross Risk Consulting

profile picture of Rajiv Malhan

Rajiv Malhan

Aditya Birla Capital

Digital Public Infrastructure & FinTech Innovations


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