• 25 Jun 2019
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  • 27 Jun 2019

Tuesday 12:00 PM to Thursday 12:00 PM

Learning Expedition in London

Learning expedition

Living in the age of customer driven innovation is severe, yet exciting for bankers all over the world. Key competitors, neobanks, Fintechs and even key global retailers challenge your business models every day and you need to be ready to not just sustain, but to respond to all these dramatic changes!

There are so many studies and events globally where you can get inspired by key global retailers. Others, can even help you get to know the business models of neobanks and monitor Fintechs globally. Some concepts and platforms might even take you to on-site visits, where you can learn from the digital transformation of traditional banking giants. 

But how about having all of that in one trip? How about attending a three-day event while catching up on some sightseeing in an attractive city with fancy restaurants, a rich history and business-driven people?

We believe there is no better place and time to join this Learning Expedition in London. Yes, that’s the place, which is considered to be the world‘s leading city of Fintechs. That’s the place where modern business meets traditional, stable and trustworthy companies. The place, where banking business was created and whose history has inspired leading players in financial services globally. 

The agenda is being carefully constructed, as we are currently preparing the content that you simply can’t miss:

  • Ground-breaking case studies centered around innovation from the most traditional banking institutions
  • An on-site visit, taking you to explore the digital technologies used in the most innovative branches
  • Neobanks’ business models
  • Retail Experience Tour
  • A nest where global financial business was born
  • Rich history, culture and tradition
  • Amazing restaurants, foggy weather and dead-pan humour

Institutions can be smart, innovative, different, driven with right attitude, but "those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it" - Edmund Burke


profile picture of John Berry

John Berry



profile picture of Jon Blakeney

Jon Blakeney


Group Managing Director

profile picture of Katarina Boledovicova

Katarina Boledovicova

Raiffeisen Bank International

Head of International Digital business

profile picture of James Buckley

James Buckley

Infosys Finacle

Global Head of Financial Solutions

profile picture of David Duckworth

David Duckworth



profile picture of Philip Garner

Philip Garner

Lloyds Banking Group

Head of Fintech Discovery and Strategic Partnerships

profile picture of David Judic

David Judic

Virgin Money

Head of Retail Marketing

profile picture of Tom Kegode

Tom Kegode

Lloyds Banking Group

Senior Innovation Culture & Capability Lead

profile picture of Manroop Khela

Manroop Khela

Santander UK

Head of Specialist Business Units

profile picture of Aaron Larsson

Aaron Larsson


Marketing Manager


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