• 25 Apr 2023

Tuesday 25th April

10:00 AM CET - 12:00 PM CET

SME digital onboarding: leading to limitless opportunities



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SME banking transformation is far from done in most organization as it rather became trigger to further deep-dive in all processes that can be digitized. Onboarding of SMEs is very complex and important milestone for clients as well as for banks themselves. It’s a moment of truth that can determine all future touchpoints and overall relationship. So how an ideal onboarding should look like?

Comprehensive, but simple enough for SMEs to understand. Fast and seamless, but complex enough to get through KYC and gather as much data as possible. Personalized, but as automated as it can be.
Ideally, 100% digital.   

Creating the right digital onboarding can influence as much SMEs as it can the whole business of a bank. Promoting top-notch digital platform, navigating SMEs to self-service, dramatically decreasing cost to serve, targeting them with the right cross-sell opportunities and most of all, dedicating your key RMs to high-ticket deals instead of any requests. The world of limitless opportunities starts right here.


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