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27 Jun 2023
27/06/2023 Webinar

Balancing human and digital

This webinar will explore Qorus-Avanade research into how human touch builds customer trust and being truly human in your banking is the basis of real differentiation.


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01 Jun 2023
01/06/2023 Webinar

Innovation in Retail Banking 2023

The 14th edition of the ‘Innovation in Retail Banking’ report involved senior executives from over 650 global banks and financial...

18 May 2023
18/05/2023 Webinar

CBDC: Opportunities and challenges for banks

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World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2023

The mobility market evolution poses challenges and opportunities for Property and Casualty insurers. The automotive industry strives for a triple-zero...

19 Jan 2023
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Maturity of Banks and Insurers on the Use of Data to Personalize Experiences

Wavestone & Qorus have conducted a study with financial players from around the world to measure the maturity of our...

08 Dec 2022
08/12/2022 Webinar

Creative Use of Data in Consumer Banking: When Neobanks are Redefining Banking by Using Economic Data and User Data

Numberly is receiving Renaud Laplanche to enlighten us about the new consumer credit context and its challenges, to talk about...

24 Nov 2022
24/11/2022 Webinar

Accelerating Data Analytics – How Financial Services Can Learn From Other Sectors

Teradata and Qorus have researched the opinions and actions of leaders in data analytics working at some of the world’s...

04 Oct 2022
04/10/2022 Webinar

How insurers can unlock growth by focusing on customer well-being | Key Insights from World Life and Health Insurance Report 2022

To seize the most profitable opportunities, insurers must invest, strategize, prepare, and implement complex change – all the while competing...